Monday, April 14, 2014

April 7 April Fools and trials

This past week did a crazy service project at a members home. I learned how to trim palm trees in Las Vegas. Here, I learned how to trim banana trees and such. (Have you ever seen a banana Spider? WIth yellow webs? I was grateful for the kitchen knife they gave me, though I´m not proud that I was using like a scared 6-year old girl!
April fools here is called Dia de Mitiras which means the day of lies. I fell for it when my distressed sounded District leader called and told me that 2 other missionaries didn´t come home last night. They sent me on a little adventure. Haha, punks! 

  We teach many people each day. Every lesson is different, because people are different. Yet, what I have come to find, the most powerful lessons are the ones in which I need the very content in the lesson. When everything I say is significant and powerful to me and I learn with the people I teach. 
I remember after one long day in blazing heat then in pouring rain. We had attempted our very best, but felt we had fallen short. We found ourselves at our last hour before going home. Having been rejected, faced disappointments, we were hungry, tired not only physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we found ourselves attempting one more house before the making the walk back home. We met with a humble family. A family of  7 in a small mud/cement home. I remember one with a fever. Another recently broken a leg. Their desire for hope that comes from the Savior is what let us in to speak with them. We barely fit all of us in there to hear our message. I looked them in the eyes and could see their desire for peace, that I too desired in the moment. After the opening prayer, I just opened my mouth to bear testimony, and as always the Lord gave me what was needed for all of us. My companion and I spoke, but the words came from our Loving Savior. We all shed tears as we learned about the atonement and repentance. As we learned from the spirit the reality that The Lord Jesus Christ lives. He is the Head of this Church. He has 12 living apostles today. A prophet again on the earth. With all the authority that was given to the apostles anciently is on the earth today. 
Joy filled our hearts to see some of this family  who believed in our words come to church yesterday. 
We have seen many miracles, some I will wait to say in person to my family and loved ones. Although we may have had disappointments (we had a baptism all set last Saturday, everyone there, things set up, but the investigator didn´t show up) We are never discouraged. I love every moment on the mission. One thing I have really loved is that we have never been left alone, we have been surrounded by unseen help, and it´s the incredible experience when we are reminded of this truth.  
I have learned that all of us will have trials. All of us will have hard times. Wicked or Good. All will. It is up to us, what these trials do to us. They can be for our good. Through the power of the atonement these trials can give us more power behind our words, fill us with more love and light. Give us greater joy and stronger relationship with our Lord. Or we can choose to shrink instead of rise, allowing the trial to cause us to become bitter and miserable, full of grief and pain. 
I know that God is cheerful, uplifting, merciful, patient, and loving. Because that is how I feel when I feel His spirit. 

I love my family deeply, it grows more and more each week. I laugh because the stories I am sent. 1 year! that went by way too fast. Love you all. Love you Mom. 

Shout out to
-Lance Allred- ParabĂ©ns para o Cassamento! Congrats on the wedding engagement! 

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