Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept 30 New area in Vegas

Ola. New area is amazing, I love my companion Elder Till, and last Friday we picked up Elder Brown who came out late from the MTC cuz he had his appendix taken out, he's as green as they come. :D I completely love and trust the both of them, we speak very open and honest with each other and have a lot of fun. I've been amazed how many homes we've gotten into together, because the Lord uses our talents to do so. Everything has been amazing, leaving the last area felt like leaving home, but I already love the people here and see a lot of potential, we have gone from 0 investigating the church to about 6 people in the past week. Many have just been placed in our path, all I have to do is open my mouth. Speaking about religion and sharing scriptures or testimony just comes out easily that I don't even have to think about it. It's just becoming a part of who I am.
We live with an awesome family in the ward, the Dyers. They have some cool cats that even have their own high chairs and stuff (little odd, I took a picture my first day I saw it). Down part is I've been allergic to cats since I've started my mission, ha-ha.
Last thought, I would love to hear a story of one our ancestors. I have a great desire to learn more about them, I know I have been helped on both sides of the veil, and have felt the Holy Ghost bear witness of the divinity and importance of family genealogy.

Picture Sent Oct. 21st:  Evil cat, I will not miss you and all your fuffy hair I was allergic to. I swear she was out to get me.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This past week I went on exchanges with another Elder. At the end of an amazing day of teaching, my companion felt impressed to make one last stop to a family in the ward, the Jeffers. My companion told me he thinks they are waiting for a Visa to Brazil too. I came to learn, they are going to the same mission as me! They have been waiting since March. Since they are a senior couple, they don't start their mission until the Visa comes. We had a great chat in Portuguese and it was awesome to know someone going to my mission. They sent this picture to the mission president, and the mission president's wife sent me an email.
It rained here on Sunday! This place isn't prepared for rain, the draining system isn't so good. It flooded everywhere. The roads were inches underwater in some places where cars couldn't get through. 
While driving we saw this railroad tie or a large piece of wood in the middle of the road and cars trying to get around it. Elder Findlay suggested we moved it. It took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants. We pulled up near to it and I jumped out to go get, jogging on my way towards it in the flooded road, I slipped. My feet flew up and I landed on my back. Hahahah, I was fine and completely unharmed, perhaps a little embarrassed. But I went out and got the log and pulled it off the road.
People in the cars behind us were laughing, and some of them rolled down their windows and thanked me. There on the side walk was a family in our ward, the Worthen's. The mom had taken her kids to the street to see all the cars drive through the puddles. She had actually pulled out her phone and filmed part of what I did, haha.  
That's the closest to swimming as I've gotten.
I'm happy and having a great time. I've learned this week that to be humble, isn't so much denying the talents and gifts God has given us. It's not thinking less of ourselves, it's thinking less about ourselves. Something you've shown me the way of being a mother, is putting others first, and yourself last. I believe it is almost impossible to be prideful, when you have charity for those around you and love them. Pride is the sin of comparison, though it often starts with look at me and how good I am, it ends with the type of thinking of therefore I'm better than you. I am striving to serve more, and care and think of others more than I think of myself.

I love you so much!

Sept 23rd

Thanks mom! I smile and feel happy every time I hear that you talk about me. I'm so excited to share my stories and feelings with our family each week. I like to hear about how our family is doing too.
This past week has been amazing. The Poma family (parents Vic and Shelly, and daughter Kelly) have been amazing. After our first lesson, Shelly who comes from a Baptist background looks at her husband Vic who's catholic and tell him "you know were going to be Mormon right?" Haha, they are so open and have desire to learn. Their son David was baptized 10 years ago when he was 16. Vic explained how bad he felt, back then he gave David such a hard time for joining the church. He had him talk to many ministers and priests to convince him not to. He had refused to talk to the missionaries. Now, His heart has been softened. He has prayed and felt it to be right and we have had 3 lessons over there. David's came and taught with us, he's been waiting for this day for his family for a while. They have a desire to be sealed in the temple, and most likely baptized next month.
I have loved teaching this family. They ask so many questions really desiring to understand and know for themselves. To know what I know.
We had to push Patricia Watts baptism back a couple weeks, she's still pushing strong though, and one of the most amazing woman I've ever met.
A few other investigators are doing well and I've seen miracles before my eyes, just watching their lives change. I'm all pumped, because we have about 6 solid baptisms set for next month. But I received a call Saturday Morning. Transfer. Haha, a new Area that doesn't rhyme with Brazil. I'm going over to the Meadows stake (not sure where that is, entirely) but it's the same ward that Tanish and Mike Yarbrough (the jamican family we married and baptized) moved to. My new companions name is Elder Till, (Till we meet, till we meet, till we meet at Jesus Feet....plays in my head every time) I think I met him once.
I'm excited, but sad to leave. Feels like I'm leaving home all over again. Elder Findlay goes home today, I'll miss him. He's shown me great love and taught me a lot. Elder Bloomfield will stay here, I trust him to take great care of this ward. He has taught me a lot about the plan of salvation, after hearing his testimony of losing both his parents, his mom just last year. He's an amazing missionary, with love for the people here and a desire to bring them joy.

We sang in church yesterday, our companionship. It went really well. I loved it. I got at least 8 or 9 offers from the members here that after the mission they want me to come back and visit and stay with them. Some seemed sad to have us go and so we told some people things like "hey, if you get sealed in the temple, We'll bring back our trio and sing at your wedding reception"
I am so grateful to have been put here, in this ward I served. I have learned so much of the arms of love from the Savior. I have had many uplifting experiences that I wouldn't trade it for anything, not a trip to Brazil or anywhere in the world. I know this next area is also part of the Lord's will for me, and I look forward to it, no idea how long it may be, but I really enjoy just trusting Him, one step at a time. The song "lead thou me on." Has been like a theme of my mission, and I love it.
I love you mom! I love you dad! I love my sisters, and all my relatives and friends!

Sept 16

Things are the same here. We do service almost everyday this past week. Teach a couple lessons, study a lot. The joy I feel is indescribable. I love every day so much, but it's not anything really new.   The days are long, but they go by so fast and blur with each other. When people I meet here, learn I'm a Visa waiter, or they ask when I'll be leaving to Brazil. I have adapted an attitude like that of Ammon. "Yea, I desire to dwell among this people for a time, yea, and perhaps until the day I die." (Alma 17:23) We have built great relationships and trusts in our ward. I could name almost every member, and where they work, and part of their conversation story. Soon, I'll have every dogs name down. It is through our members we try to do the Lords work. I love so deeply the people here, and I pray for them so often. We have families progressing and improving that it brings me so much joy.  But despite my attitude of "I'm staying here and serving you till I die, so get use to it!" I too feel that I will be leaving to Brazil soon. Dad's words play in my head all the time, "you'll leave once you feel you are needed most." And that day is coming. With my senior Companion Elder Findlay going home in a week. I next know every member, the needs every person in this area. I connect and understand differently to people, and I feel needed already. I'm confident that I'll have to have faith, it's the Lords work and not mine, so He knows the best ways to bring about His purposes.
Elder Anderson (of the 12) came to our mission last Tuesday. I shook his hand, and said "como vai?" He responded with a chuckle and a "muito bem." He lived in Brazil for quite some time of his life. He spoke to us for over 2 hours, had a lot to say I guess. I'd like to share something  I enjoyed that  he said "every time you open your mouth, you exercise faith. When you exercise faith, you increase it...... if you want to baptize a few people, open your mouth to a few people. If you want to baptize a lot of people, open you mouth to a lot of people. If you want to baptize everyone you can, open your mouth to everyone you can."
Whenever I feel hesitant or fear of being awkward by just approaching someone, I think of this quote. "When we act in faith in Jesus to do His work, He goes with us, to serve others and blesses us to say just what they need to hear. What we actually say and actually do may feel a little awkward or not very polished....But the Savior takes our words and our actions and He carries them through His spirit into the hearts of the people. He takes our sincere but imperfect effort and turns it into something that is just right, indeed into something that is perfect."
I testify, that is true. I know the Savior is in our midst. I have felt so often the love He has for me, and for those around me. I know that our Heavenly Father hears our every prayer, and desires for us to pray continually throughout the day in all that we do.
I love you Mom! Thank you for everything. I love my family so much, and look so forward to the day to squeezing my parents and sisters in hugs of gratitude when I come home.
Ate e logo.

sept 9th

Sept 9th

Justin Beiber? (This is in response to Nanette was suppose to be catering to the Beib at the Riverbend Ranch)  That's unexpected. I think it's funny how you probably don't really care, there has got to be tons of people who wish they could be in your spot right now. I didn't get the chance to feed someone famous this week, I did have a double dinner that we gained 3 new investigators from. The Bishop had us over with a family that weren't members, we taught the plan of Salvation, the mom cried (those mom's :D) and they want to be taught all the missionary lessons.
My companion Elder Findlay is going home in 2 weeks. People keep asking him what he's going to do when he gets home. His answer is somewhat what I expect mine will be. "I don't know.....I don't think anything will just be as important as this......a doctor or fireman...just something that would make me feel like I'm still making a difference..." Crazy to think he's leaving back to Canada. He'll marry someone in a few months and have a family. I miss that Elder, taught me a lot.  
 I weighed myself yesterday, weighing 196. I don't think I'm getting fat, the armor of God must just weigh a lot or something. ;) Motivate dad, see if we can meet at the same weight or something.
I think I want my soccer cleats, if you could do that. I appreciate everything you and dad do for me. Thank you for all the prayers. I love you!

Sorry Sept 3rd

so sorry for delay in posting.. We have been busy working the fair and then recovering so we are a bit behind. Here you go
Sept 3rd

I got the pictures of working at the fair, I actually really miss being there with my family. Kind of weird not being there. I love our family so much. Lilly, Sienna and Rayna, look older. Kendyl pretends she is. (Just kidding :D) You look like you haven't aged in years.......wish I could say the same for Daddio......jk.   Things are great.. Don't know how I've gained weight, but I feel good. Shirts and pants haven't torn off, so I'm good. Really, I don't need more shirts or pants, I'm good on everything.
Been a great week. A few days ago we got a call from the sisters in our district, and we met them at the church. Sister Belliston said she wanted a Priesthood blessing. When we asked why she said "they want me to go home." She needs to have surgery, and needs a few weeks to recover. She had been trying to put it off, and even tried to have the surgery here, but they insist if she has it she needs to go home. She asked for a blessing of guidance and comfort on what to do. I was surprised when I was asked to give it. I didn't know her well, nor understood the situation completely. I had no idea what to say or what words I could give to help. I began praying fervently for help. When we placed our hands on her head and I opened my mouth, I was instantly filled with a very strong feeling of the Love Heavenly Father had for her. The power was so strong and poured over me so much I struggled not to cry. I didn't need to supply the words, because the things I said  could have never came from me. I felt so strongly that I was an instrument in His hands. The guidance was so clear and full of love and peace.
I have learned of the amazing profound mercy and love of the Lord has for His children. I know He is our Heavenly Father, and surely He matches with His own the tears His children shed.
Love you!
Elder Pollard

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hand of The Lord

"When you pray to see the hand of the Lord in your life, you get it!!"