Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Opening the Gates in Sin City

4455 Allen Ln. #140 North Las Vegas, NV 89031
That's my new address, I think, I hope the Elder sitting next to me is telling the truth. It's the mission home, all mail goes through it and they will see that I get it.
Whew, what a week! I hope I get more mail and less email because I love all the emails I'm getting, but have very little time to read them and would like a hard copy.
Things are going great here. Different than what I thought, but I thought I'd be in a third world country by now. I'm loving it. I have two awesome companions, Elder Titus and Elder Findlay. They have us in a 3 some because I'm a "VISA-waiter" and no one has any idea when I could take off. I'll call you at the airport when I do. Elder Titus is a 6 foot 5 large Elder from Washington State that is just as large is Spirit. He is very kind and loves people and making them laugh, so naturally we are rather joyous together. Elder Findlay is his trainer and my temp trainer I guess, he's from Canada where he was playing college basketball before, and he's been out for about 20 months. He is obedient and knows how teach people, instead of lessons, with the spirit. I have probably the best companions here and I've grown to love them already.
We are in an area of Las Vegas that's only about 6 blocks, but jammed with people. 95% of it is Gated, meaning we aren't allowed to tract or knock on doors. We have one ward we cover, that should have about 500 members, only about 150-200 are active or even consider themselves "Mormon." My companions had been working here for about 6 weeks before I came, and they had practically no investigators or lessons to teach. But I have seen a miracle start to happen since I got here. I am thrilled to be out teaching and finding, and the Lord has been granting us success.
Now, we have many lessons with non members set up and with those inactive. We are seeing a large number of people come back to church after many years, and as we teach them lessons they are willing to give referrals of their neighbors and friends who are inactive or aren't members that we can go visit. I have felt the Spirit strongly, reassuring me, feeling me with comfort, peace, joy, and a love I've never felt so powerfully before. He has made it clear to me that this is where He wants me right now and as I be obedient with exactness, He enables me to make a large difference in these people's lives.
We seek people out and serve them. We have done yard work, move people to knew homes, and help people find jobs. We visited a man who was inactive for many years, and he said he wasn't interested in anything we could say, and we were wasting our time, and he would not come to church their was too much in his life right now, all before we had uttered a word. But we asked what he was struggling with, and he had been unemployed for some time and was losing all he had. We worked with him and contacted programs in the Church for him to help him gain a job. We addressed all his physical needs and did everything we could to help. We assured him of why we are here, our purpose isn't to gain members in the church. Our purpose to bring people closer to Christ by helping them receive the necessary ordinances. We are here as representatives of Jesus Christ, and will act like such. We are filled with a love for the people and will serve them and let them feel the love the Savior has for them.
I've found though, before you can take someone to where you want them to go spiritually, before you can talk about the Garden of Gethsemane and eventually the sacred grove, you must go to where they are spiritually. Learn their needs and adjust the lesson of the restored Gospel, that helps in all aspects of life, to their needs. I feel a love for the people here. The members are great, and very strong, and their wouldn't be missionary work without their help. I smile and talk to every person I can everyday. I open my mouth and the Lord feels it with what needs to be said to that individual.
I'm so grateful for my parents, I've realized everything in my life has prepared me for this time. I tell stories of past experiences everyday to teach doctrine and relate it to people. I am so grateful for all the past blessings and trials before my mission. I'm out of time. I'll have to write some letters. I will keep Robert in my prayers each day as with my other loved ones.
Love Elder Pollard

Monday, May 27, 2013

If you'd like to write him, use his email: Or the mission home in Las Vegas address to the right.

He's in Vegas Baby

Daylen has been in Vegas for one week now.  Because he was busy with the transfer last Monday and today is Memorial Day (libraries closed) he has not been able to write home.  I'm sure he'll have lots to share when he does.  We did however find his Vegas mission BlogSpot that had posted several pictures of their new missionaries.  These are ones we copied of Daylen. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hey Jo! I'm calling home at 5:30 for about 5 min, to tell where my reassignment is! I dunno, you and Nate Probably won't be there. I don't want you to drive up there for 5 min. So make sure mom calls you or something. I have no idea what my address will be, I fly out early Monday morning. I'll let you know as soon as I can what it is. I love you!
Oh, something I want to tell you. We had an apostle talk to us on Tuesday, Russell M Nelson. He gave such a powerful talk. When apostles talk just directly to missionaries, their talks are amazing. It was on family History. After the talk, I did some pondering and praying. I learned some things and gained a testimony of Family History I hadn't fully realized. I learned that I have people on the other side of the veil, who are very much alive, who are praying for my success. They are the Ancestors of the people I will meet and teach. Hoping I will give their descendants the gospel, that they might receive the saving ordinances they need to proceed. 

When it says in the scriptures that He will send angels among them, I've learned the Lord does send angels to His missionaries to help them. I have felt their presence, the presence of our own ancestors and the those of the people I am to teach, and those who are grateful for an ordinance we did in the the temple for.

Love you
P.S, I was sick for about two days, just a cold and a head ache. I just worked through it, strived to be humbled, and was healed rather quickly once I got what i needed to learn from it. Being sick, is just part of the Missionary experience.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Daylen has been re-assigned (for now)

So I recieved my reassignment last night. They gave me permission to call
and talk on the phone for 5 min. I didn't have time last night to call
because my companion and I were training the new district. It went well, I
love being Zone Leader. I was training a new District Leader, and he asked
me "Do you really grow that much at the MTC? Because you guys are
amazing Leaders. Or were you like this before the Mission?" I told him,
it's true. You really do grow so much at here. Next to the Temple, it is
the most spiritual place I've been to. I have changed alot. I feel much
differently and think differently and I love who I'm becoming. I've Learned
that It's more important to have Character, then to be a character. I've
started to always be thinking about the 2nd name on my name tag. Jesus
Christ. And remember I represent Him, and I will act like such. I've tried
hard to get out of the way, and pray night and day that I will yeild my
will to the Lord.
My testimony has grown. I understand more, know more, and beilieve more .
This Gospel is True, and I am so excited to Change Lives and lose myself
completly in service, I didn't realize just how important it was before.
The Lord wants all His children to return to Him, and I know He has people
prepared for me specifically in this reassignment till my Visa comes. I'm
not going out just to make people better, anyone can get to the two lower
kingdoms of Glory without me. As missionaries we offer something more.
Something so much greater. Starting with first covenant we make with
babtism and then recieveing the Holy Ghost, so that we may start on our
path back to our Father in Heaven and have eternal lives with our family.
I am filled with much positive thought to make a large difference, and I
have never felt more joy or love for other people. I will go anywhere, say
anything, and be whatever the Lord needs me to. I understand that without
Him I am nothing. This last week I've made a commitment, that when my time
comes to go home 2 years from now, I will return home, but I'll never leave
the Field.
Thank you for your prayers, I feel the strength from them. I feel more love
for my family everyday. I love the letters that make me laugh and smile. I
wish I had more time to write to all of you individually. And express that
without my 5 sisters, I wouldn't be half the person I am today. I may not
even gotten to the Mission in the first place.

So, I plan on calling home around 5:30
I'm great to being put on speaker, and I can talk for about 5 min. It would
be awesome. You can hear how I'm still the same goofy kid that has just
grown spiritually.

Carefull what you wish for ( or make fun of) You may just attract that very thing.

Remember a few months back wwhen we thought it would be funny to let Daylen "fake" his mission call. Here is one of the three that he "faked" There are no accidents he has been reassigned until his visa comes. This is where he is going next week

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teach Two Types Of People

Thanks for the pictures. I look at my sisters all the time, and when people don't believe I used to look like Abe Lincoln. I have something to show them. People are shocked to think I had a beard.
Oh, I left out some news. I was released as District Leader, and I'm now a Zone Leader with my companion. I'm over our whole Portuguese branch composed of a few districts with my companion. It's cool, great opportunity to serve. Makes me even more busy. This place is awesome. Looking forward to get out into the field. I've learned we are called to teach two types of people, one the people of Brazil (for me, or where ever I get reassigned), and other missionaries  There are a lot of missionaries who really weren't prepared. But it's so cool to see the change in them as their testimony grows. I had a great experience with a missionary who thought he was going to be sent home due to past sins he confessed to the Leaders here. But because of the atonement, he fully repented and is doing great. He is clean. He feels clean. He teaches with greater feeling and testimony and it's been great serving with him. He is focused on being like Christ. It's awesome.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Need a little push!

Dear Dad.
I spoke in Sacrament meeting last Sunday, and I recalled an experience I had with you
When I was rather young. I desired $5 to spend, most likely on some candy. Now, there are some fathers that would have simply given the Child the Money, and the child would have spent it, never appreciating it's vaule. My wise father wanted me to work for it.
He asked to mow the Lawn. A hard task for a young child with no experience. He started the lawn mower for me and left me to it. I was determined to please him and earn my reward. I pushed this Large machine with all my might. It weighed much more than I did. With all my strength I could just barely move it forward and progress. On step after another, often I felt like I wasn't moving much, but with each step I knew I was closer.
I had pushed for what felt like a very long time, the sun was hot, my burden heavy, I was tired, and I became discouraged. I was about to give up or just collaspe. I thought, it's not worth it. Just as I was ready to quit and let go, a large hand appeared behind me and pushed the Lawn mower. My Father had came out and began to push with me. Walking behind me and taking the weight on himself so mine would be light, we pushed together. He helped me finish.
I can Testify, that when we are stuggling and pushing, that if we give our best and work hard. Our Father in Heaven will come to us and help. Just as my Father had came out to help me. There are times that all of will feel we are asked to move a heavy object and do an impossbile task. It is important to go out and remember, He will do what you can't. As long as you do what you can.
I love you Dad. Thanks for being such a great example to me. Thank you for all that you have done to raise me. I plan to continue learning from you the rest of my life.

Gift of tounges

The next email you recieve from me will probably have my new reassignment on it. I get reassigned this Tuesday. A week after on like May 20th I'll head out to somewhere. Beats me where, probably North Carolina. :) I serve there, until the Visa Comes. As far as checking as to where my Visa is in the Process, I've heard there isn't a really good reliable source. They just call me to the Travel center, hand me my Visa when it gets here and then quickly pack and take off. Could happen tommorow or in a month from now. I dunno. Nothing to worry about, I'll let you know as soon as possible when it comes, I can call you at the airport.
About a week ago I was eating lunch with my district, an old man asked to sit by me. We said that's fine. We began having a casual conversation, He asked the usual questions, where from and where we were going. He then asked how the Langauge was going, my compainon and I replied "muito Bom!" We spoke a few phrases explaining we were doing well in the langauge, and then after we told it was because of the book of Mormon. We told him how we are here to learn two languages, first the langauge of the Spirit and then the language of portuguese. I recalled some of the last words you told me before I left. "It's okay if you don't speak portuguese, and it's okay that they don't speak English, because the Lord speaks them both, use him as your interperter." We informed him we were reading the Book of Mormon to learn Portuguese, his first thought was that we were reading it in Portuguese, but we told him no, in English. The best lessons in Portuguese I've given happen after I have been reading diligently the book of Mormon in English and feel the Spirit. Yeah, we study potuguese and practice speaking. But our best comes through the gift of tongues through the Lord.  I hadn't realized at the timethe older man was President Hacking, Over the whole MTC.
On fast sunday there was a Large mission conference with all the thousands of Missionaires in the MTC.  I was happy to see President Hacking speaking to us, and he started his talk with his experience of eating Lunch with two specific Missionaries Elder Pollard and Elder Price to had taught him something. He recounted the whole experience, it was cool. Glad I didn't say anything stupid. The moral of the Story is, don't let old important looking guys sit by you while eating, or you'll be known by all here. Just kidding. The moral is, be grateful for your mother who taught you true doctrine. A loving Mother who raised me to become the man the Lord wants me to become.
I love you Mom! I'm sending a letter too. You'll get it soon.

Friday, May 3, 2013


 I came across an Elder who was really struggling. He was angry, depressed, and really hurting. He snapped and said things inappropriate for missionary words to any who tried to help him. I got down on my knees for guidance. I asked that I could represent the Savior and be guided by the Spirit how to minister and help this individual  It was amazing. I felt the spirit strongly throughout the day, it guided me with all the things I should do. It filled me with love when I should have been angered. It caused to be bold and stand large when I would have normally stood back. I felt like a different person, as I uplifted, corrected, and edified others including this Elder who was convinced he would go home that day. Long story short. We gave him a blessing. I saw a miracle happen before my eyes as I watched the dramatic change in character.
  This Elder was healed. Spiritually and physically. I can't give details at this time, but he was struggling with some very hard things that should have been resolved before coming, but I believe they were meant to be resolved here. He is now one of the happiest people I know. Each day I see a walking miracle. He bears a strong testimony of this church and the Power of Priesthood Authority. It has strengthened my testimony. This Elder has transformed into a great missionary, with a desire to serve others, and a greater relationship with the Savior.
There is this misconception about the atonement I feel some may not fully understand. Some may think that Jesus Christ paid for all our sins in a few hours. But it wasn't a pain all at once with a package deal. It was individually  The Atonement wasn't just infinite, but it was very intimate  It's something that should be, and is, very personal to each individual. He suffered all your pains specifically at a time. And because of that, he knows how to heal you. You. Each person, individually  He knows how to help. I am only just started to fully understand this and apply it. I have started to see things and feel things that are beyond description.
I will testify in English and in Portuguese that I know these things to be true. And Each person needs to come to know for themselves if they are. En Nome De Jesus Cristo, Amen.
P.S I love you Dad, Mom, Jo, Nate, Kendyl, Rayna, Sienna, and Lilly with all my heart. I miss you all so very much, and you help motivate me to work hard.
P.S.S Send me a family photo. Of our whole family. That would be otimo, muito bom.

Laundry with Joseph Smith- Photos

(Sent Tuesday)

P-day changed to friday. Until then. I love you

I'm sending a letter today, let me know if you get it. Let me know if you can open my pictures, the first one is Laundry day with Joseph Smith!
The next is me giving a piggy back ride to Elder West. He is a great missionary in my district. He's the youngest of 6, and all of his family have fallen away from the church. And at age 24, he felt something missing from his life, and decided to go on a mission. He's 24! I tease him about his age all the time, like asking if he had to leave his wife and kids at home. But, He's a great guy. An amazing example to people here, hey, when I'm 24 I want to go a mission too. He adds a higher level to the missionaries here.
I love you Jo, and I love Nate. Thank you for all the support. Write me soon.

A few more photos!

This Elder is doing a backflip in our room.