Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just a quick note.

A semana foi bom. (The week was good) We had a baptism yesterday, 16 year old Joelene  I am grateful for the amazing young women here in our ward. Who befriended her and invited her to activities and church. They helped her make high standards and gain a testimony of the truth. 
Last week she went to the Christmas concert with us, my companion and I asked if we could visit her. We set a lesson with her and her parents for last Friday. 
The young women in the ward wanted to go with us, to help, encourage, and be there for her. We ended up bringing 4 of the young women to the lesson, and they bore testimony and kindness. (My companion and I didn't even teach a lot, it was cool) 
Elder Briggs began to give her a baptismal invite something like ´when you feel these things are true, will you be baptized,´ But she interrupted with a powerful conviction of  "I do feel"
She was baptized 2 days later, the young women sang at it. Her mom came and felt the spirit strongly. I asked her mom, if she would come next week to church with her daughter, she replied that she would love to, and come to church here for a while. So we hope to teach her parents as well. 

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