Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Short messages

(Dec 16)

Mmmmm, what to you can hear my voice......metaphorically....I think........I yelled HELLO at the screen, let me know if you heard it. I hope so, because now I gave away my cover that I speak English  and I´m American. I think am the only American in the City, for some I´m the only American they have ever met. Some think I´m like some kind of rich actor. They think, OOOh, an American from the US. Where you from? Hollowoogie? Novo Yorck?  I tell them I´m from Utah, and they get all excited,!.......I have no idea where that is......say something in English? Are you an Actor? Is every one there tall? Do you know Michael Jackson?  Why are you here? Take me back with you. 

 It´s so funny. All the members know though, they can just guess, oh, your from the US, let me guess, Utah? Because all the American misisonaries here are from Utah. Hahah. It´s fun
Uh..... the weather....It´s nice.....I just got use to sweating like crazy, it´s okay if you stink a little, everybody here stinks......haha. They have no problem to give you a sweaty handshake either.....I´m not use to those, I still find myself wiping my hand on my pants after the handshakes. But I just smile real big, and tell them I´m a famous actor, but dropped everything because our message is true...jk...the actor part....the message is true...I think...
Uh....My Comp is amazing! 

Eh...It´s hard to express me self using these little buttons with letters, staring at the computer screen, and day dreaming a little about ice cream cones. Sorry if it isn´t up to par. But tis this. 

(Dec 2)

My favorite part isn´t the faces of the missionaries. But rather Elder Pardo, (the darker one, he´s from bolivia), has no idea that over an hour ago I had managed to switch name tags, and he wore mine for hours throughout the day without noticing. It wasn´t until a lady kept calling him Elder Pole-large (pollard), and asking him why we both had the same name, that he looked and saw....maahahahaha..... 

Love ya

(Nov 20)

Short on time, try to sum this up shortly

There was once a man, who was fluent in many languages (Portuguese, French, English, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, German, ect) He had a masters degree in literature here in Brazil. He was working towards become a DR. Had a high paying job at a college for 25 years. But pride and self-absorption caused a downfall, as he divorced his wife, tried to start a company and lost everything in a year.

Everything. He is homeless. walks city to city, with nothing more than the clothes on his 62 year old back, and his degree. He looks for work, but is rejected by many schools. He has a clean record, is well qualified. A quick and witty mind. But is homeless and alone. Realizing the need for change, he began to seek for truth and a new beginning. His goal now being to find the truth and live as closely he can to it. He asked for help from the lord 
This is when the Lord took us to him. We meet him in a park. We gave him our clothes, bread and fruit, water. But most importantly we gave him the gospel and our testimonies.  More later, out of time. But its soooo cool!!!!

(Nov 11) 

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