Sunday, June 15, 2014

Teaching people not lessons

Mom, I love your stories and how much you love the primary kids. It´s inspiring. I love how creative you are in teaching simply. I want to be more like you. You teach children truths that will stay and help them through their entire lives. You don´t teach a lesson, you teach children. That´s what I want to do. I want to teach the people, not lessons. I want to help them find the truth through inspiring and uplifting ways that causes them to seek it out for themselves.  I would like to respond the same way when I get a transfer call to another area, ´Oh President, please don´t take me away from Barreiras, I love those People!´ 
Let me just tell you of 2 amazing people we love deeply. Ricardo (in his 30´s) and Nilda (in her 50´s). They are just an amazing couple. We met them on the street. They invited us in with warmth and kindness. They were touched by who we are as missionaries, Nilda a week later said ´It´s just so amazing the job you guys do. Away from home for 2 years. You don´t gain any money, in fact you pay for your mission. You´re not here to increase membership of your church, or anything like that. You´re here to bring people to Christ, unselfishly serving and loving others. The night I met you I was so profoundly touched I couldn´t sleep or stop thinking about it. I thought, with people like you in the world, how can I be so prideful? How can I be so selfish? How can I get angry and be impaitent with others? I should be better.´ 
Ricardo and Nilda invited a neighbor or a friend over each time we went to visit them. Every time we go by, there are about 4 new people that they had invited over to hear us. They tell their friends ´Oh, these are the missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints, they aren´t paid anything, they are just loving people here to help us. Listen to them.´
Ricardo is a man I believe will one day be baptized and become a great leader here. He works as a sercuity gaurd, but has a big heart. He expressed to us his desire to change his life, and help us in bringing others to christ. 
A good friend of mine Elder Hunter Muse recently told me, ´we are to bring these people to christ, literally take them by the hand and put their hand in the hands of the savior, we can´t do that if we don´t know where He is................we don´t need to worry about a number of baptism or anything like that, when we focus of the Lord Jesus Christ and follow his example, baptism will just be a natural consequence, our purpose is to first bring them to the Savior.´ 
I bear my witness that I know He lives. He goes with us and with you in the callings of His kingdom on the earth. 
Love you!  

Lilly wrote Daylen a letter letting him know of her upcoming birthday and her future baptism
Here is his response.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!! Wow, it seems just like a couple weeks ago I wrote you a letter for your birthday for last year. Time is flying by my little pet shop unicorn. (Do they have unicorns? They´re good pets.) Lilly, I´m so proud of you and your decision to be baptized, write how you feel in a journal! 
I do remember Joslyn, I remember her baptism, she was my role model, and when I saw her and dad I wanted to do it to. I remember being worried that the water might be cold, but dad told me it would be warm. The water was, we entered in  dad said a prayer,  As  he spoke I was impressed by what he said and I remember having a feeling of our dad is a man of Christ. Then it was over quickly. It was super  cold  changing back into normal clothes. I thought it was over. But I remember Grandpa Hatch there, he and our dad and some other men, had me sit in a chair. I didn´t understand fully why. But they gave me the gift of the Holy Ghost. I had just a really good feeling when they gave a blessing, I felt so much lighter and happier after. 
I am reminded of my baptism each time I see one on my mission. I´ve spoken at 2 this past week, Gilberto and Barbara were baptized. Now, I understand deeper the promises we make and the blessings we recieve, and I am so grateful for my own. The angels of heaven will look down at your baptism with joy.

I love youLilly 

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