Monday, June 2, 2014

`For that which ye do send out, shall return unto you again.´

This week has been impressing. Often, if not daily, in the mission field we face disappointments. Disappointments with investigators, less actives, and sometimes in ourselves. Although this week, there have been many who impressed us and placed smiles on our faces. Among them was a woman named Vivane, a wife and a mother of 3. We met her sitting outside in the front of her house on Tuesday. We sat with her, taught the restoration of the Gospel and gave her a Book of Mormon. I didn´t think much of it, though she seemed to have the potential of being a great investigator. She had been to many churches, but never felt right about joining any of them. She gave a sincere prayer to understand the Book of Mormon and what´s true. 
We passed by again only 2 days later, we asked if she had read the part we marked (3 Nephi 11). She said she hadn´t got there yet, she wanted to start from the beginning. We asked what she did manage to read. She opened the book to show where she had stopped, she read 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, Jocob, ect. She was at the end of Mosiah! She had started from the title page of the Book of Mormon and gave an impressive summary of the story of Nephi´s family leaving Jerusalem and coming to the Americas. She bore a testimony that she knew it true, because she has the same feeling she has when reading the bible, except the Book of Mormon is clearer. 
Another impressive investigator was 18 year old Jildson, he was invited to church by a friend the recent member, Hogo. It was Jildson´s first time at church, (though he did come the day before with Hogo to clean the church) he arrived in jeans and a t-shirt carrying some kind of Science book. Yesterday was an amazing testimony meeting, there were many. I especially enjoyed the one from the young Kedson, who spoke about waiting for his baptism for over 3 years, and now he´s happy. Jildson was moved as well, he got up and bore his testimony. Shortly after, in the Priesthood meeting, we were, well, talking about the priesthood and ordinances, Jildson rose his hand and asked a question. ´eu posso me batizar no próximo domingo?´ Which means, for you Americans, "Can I be baptized next week?" 
I also had the great privilege to interview 14 year old Pirulito (his name means lollipop), to be baptized here. His smile and joy in feeling that he had repented of everything was amazing. He was invited to church weeks ago by Hogo as well. Hogo was ordained a Priest on Sunday, and had the opportunity to baptize his friend.    That was a really special. 
Thank you so much for everything. I feel so utterly and eternally grateful for my parents. I feel so grateful just to be here. Just the thought of returning home at the end of the mission brings huge mixed feelings, that I don´t like to think about it. I have learned this week that we really will receive what we put out. I learned this in our relationship with the Savior as well. I desire so badly that He will embrace me with His arms of love, despite all my faults. I think of how I would want Him to treat me now, than I strive to treat others in that way. I want Him to walk with me, uplift me, love me, inspire and encourage. Never condemn or make me feel bad about who I am, rather help me overcome through mercy and understanding, and love. Thus, it´s what I´ve been trying to do with others. When we live in this Love in serving others, we come to know Him. I know He lives. `For that which ye do send out, shall return unto you again.´ (Alma 41:15)  

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