Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! There were fireworks going off here on that day too! Because it was the same day that Brazil played in the world cup. New Mission President gave us a training this week, he´s awesome. Very calm, intelligent, and every word he speaks is powerfully carried by the spirit. His wife is an amazing woman who speaks with power and has a strong presence. When she joined the church years ago, she first rejected the missionaries a few times before letting them in, she taught us about persistence and patience. 
One little piggy built his house of bricks, than the Bahaian built a house on top of that, and a house on top of that, then a house on top of that. 
This week did a service project of building another floor to a 3 story brick home, clearly meant to only be one floor, haha, but whatever. 
The work here is awesome. We met with our bishop one day and asked him where we should work, because the area is so huge. He gave us a section he felt we should go to. We did. People were letting us in their homes before we even introduced ourselves fully. The members are amazing as well. One member named Toni, has been an example to me, each time we enter into his home, he and his family greets us with cookies and snacks. Then with enthusiasm, he takes us to all his friends on the street and teaches with us. He has the attitude of, ´I love the gospel, I feel so much joy because of it, I can´t help but to share it.´ He has a patience with people that reject us, and told us stories that just a few years ago, before his baptism, ago he jumped over the back wall when the missionaries knocked on his door.  
I´m so grateful to be here. All things are amazing. Love ya´ll!

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