Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Won't you be my neighbor!

From what I´ve heard. I am in the Largest neighborhood of Latin America. Neighborhood is a poor word for it, It´s a large neighborhood, that composes of sub-neighborhoods, that composes of blocks, that composes of streets, that composes of pathways, ect. I would be super lost without my companion. There are about 80,000 people who live in our area. We have a large  nice chapel, strong members of about 130.
The area is breathtaking. There´s these large village parts with all these houses stacked on each other it's just stunning. People have a different accent and slang words here. This week we did service at the home of a member (I forgot a camera) who lived above an incredible jungle. There were all these neat trees, and you could hear monkeys shouting and these colored birds flying around. It was this moment of ´where am I!?´ 
My companion is amazing, Elder Driscoll, from Aberdeen Idaho, right by Pocatello. Grew up on a potato farm, so i won his love quickly by making the rest of the mash potatoes and gravy you sent me. He´s a powerful missionary, who has the best Portuguese of all Americans I know. He has no accent of an American,and he´s been helping me a lot to  get rid of mine. 
The new mission president is getting here this week, I think we´re going to like him a lot. My companion and I are going to take him with us to teach people, 
This week we found a woman named Jessica, we taught and gave a Book of Mormon, she came to church. We asked her if she had read the chapter we marked. She said yes, and told us that when she prayed and asked if the book was true, she felt an amazing peace. 
I meet people like this about everyday, I´ve found the Book of Mormon´s promise to be a full proof one. That each time one sincerely reads and thinks about what they read for a moment, than ask God in faith if it´s true, they will always receive an answer. Not just once, but every time they search for it. I have read again and again and again, and each time I´ve asked, and each time I´ve gotten an answer. 
The Book of Mormon has brought me closer to the living Savior. I am convinced it needs to be read, by every person in this world that is becoming increasingly more wicked, every day. Regardless of age or circumstance the Book of Mormon will always bring the reader to come to hear the words of the Savior to guide one´s life. He has surrounded me with his angels, I feel His love. I am grateful He has restored His gospel, and this book has changed my life, and more lives than I could possibly count. 

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