Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Knock and it shall be opened or use a hammer and a chisel. 10/21/14

October 21, 2014
This is a photo of our zone with President Costa. It was really cool. 5 missionaries of the mission were chosen to have have an interview with him. I was chosen as one. It was amazing. I asked him a lot of questions. He gave answers, some that were awesome, and others that I´m still trying to understand. When I asked him for what advice he had for me, I was surprised he specifically said. ´Take care of your sisters. Do a brother- sister date when you go home, if their dates don´t show up or something. Help them to have fun. 
Valmir and Creuza were baptized on Sunday. (The photo is from the wedding) Such an amazing family to have in the ward. They are so dedicated. They have run into so many challenges since they started this journey. It took them months to do marriage papers. They had people tell them lies and try to put doubts in their heads. But they keep moving forward with humble dignity to that which they feel is true.
There´s another couple whom we love greatly, named Lucas and Emily. A young couple. Emily is pregnant with her 3 child. We met them on the street, and they gladly received us in their home. They enjoyed to make us dinner when we were close to them. We had lots of laughs together. I loved to teach them. The area in which they live is very loud, so we used to walk them to the church and teach them there inside, we had many spiritual experiences together. One Sunday, we went to go walk with lucas to head to church. He was running late and weren´t ready when we got there. As Lucas opened the door and came out to talk with us, he door shut behind him and locked himself out. The keys on the inside in the door. But Lucas was determined. He said ´nothing is going to stop me from going to church!´ After trying various methods of getting in. He grabbed a hammer and a chisel. ´There´s no time to do anything else.´ He explained. And we watched as he smashed a hole into the side of his house, and grabbed his keys. 
He was there. On time.I still don´t know how he explained that to his wife. 

I love you all! We have been praying not to just find people, but to have people find us. People have been finding us. Today a man just walked into the church, while we were there to ask when he could come and visit. He just walked in, because he had watched the movie the other side of heaven, and now is really interested. That´s cool, go Disney. 
Ate na próxima semana. (until next week)

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