Monday, October 6, 2014

"Daylen fell that Investigators might feel Joy"

Last week I asked that you would pray for our investigators. It´s making a difference. Pedro Lopes and His wife Elonise are progressing wonderfully. They study the scriptures together everyday. Elonise responded for Pedro when I asked if he had been reading the Book of Mormon, she said ´Ha! I can´t get him to stop! He would sit and read all day if I let him.´
They come from some of the most humble of circumstances. But I have faith that the gospel will help them in all things. They live in a small home, incomplete is walls and ceiling. A dirt floor. No bathroom. Our Ward mission Leader is a plumber, so he´s going to help get a toilet in there for them. Despite their humble conditions, their home is filled with peace, due to faithful prayers. 
This week we´ve gone over and taught the plan of salvation. Due to lack of chairs, they usually sat on an old tank of water to listen. I offered them our chairs, and that we could sit on the tank so they could be more comfortable. As I sat on the lid of this old water tanks, it shattered from beneath me. I fell in, luckly no water in it. After being pulled out, and me giving some apologies. We all had a hearty laughed. We laughed a good while. Later, we explained the fall of Adam and Eve, Pedro didn´t understand 2 Nephi 2;25 Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy. 
So I explained it based on what happened. We were all feeling normal as the visit started. Then I fell in the tank. Creating worry, embarrassment, opposition. Due to the opposition, the joy we felt after was so much greater. We all had a great laugh. I am convinced, for every tear of sadness, the Lord replaces it with a 100 tears of joy. The greater the opposition, the greater shall be our joy.  
We learned that Elonise has had 9 children, but 5 passed away young. She loved the concept of baptisms for the dead and they´ve committed to go and do the work shortly after their baptism.
We taught the Celestial kingdom, and about Celestial marriage. We plan to get the papers done for marriage this month for them, it´s going to take some money and a 8 hour travel to do papers, but they are willing to sacrifice everything to do it. They love the idea of temples and having a marriage for eternity. 
They are good christian people. They were fully active in another church before we meet them, in fact, they were baptized in that church just 6 months ago. But now that they´ve found the full truth. They´ve accepted it all. 
This Friday a wonderful couple that have been going to church for 7 months now every Sunday, are finally being married and then shortly there-after baptized. Valmir and Creuza, they already have their 3 children that were baptized in the church, and they look forward to joining them, and making their way to the temple to be sealed as a family. 
General Conference was so good. I was so pumped. I said and thought things of ´wow! The talks are so much better! That was so much more powerful. The best general conference!.´Until my mission presidents wife, sister Lisonbee told me that all general conferences are like that. It´s not that it´s changed, but I have. 
We watched it in English. But I loved the Brazilian who spoke, and it was awesome to watch him straight in português. It was an  awesome talk. 
I made a list of 10 questions I had. All were answered in general conference, either directly or by subtle whisperings of the spirit. I also found, that General conference gives answers, even when new question are actually formed. It answers present, past, and future needs. 
Eu sei que este é o unica igreja verdadeira e viva do senhor Jesus Cristo. Eu Amei de ouvir dos Profetas e Apóstolos. Eu reconheci o voz do bom pastor, atrás de estes vozes de servos. Ele Vive. Ele é a cabeça de Sua Igreja. Em nome De Jesus Cristo, Ámen. 

Eu Amo Todos De Vocês

I know this is the only true and living church of the Lord Jesus Christ. I loved to hear the Prophets and Apostles . I recognized the voice of the good shepherd behind these voices of servants . He Lives . He is the head of His Church . In the name of Jesus Christ , Amen .

I Love All of You

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