Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Strong Converts

Patricia has turned into a super-member missionary. She helped us give a training at the transfer meeting. She told her conversion story to all the missionaries. She told how she had grown up in a Christian Church her whole life, but there was something very different about us. She said she use to know Christ- having heard of Him through the Bible. Now, in she´s a place to have real and personal experiences with Him. A living and true Church.
Last Sunday one of our investigators (Wilson) got up to bear his testimony. He´s about 25. A short man of African descent. Also one of the happiest people I know.  It was his 3rd time at church. He got up and stated
” I declare the importance of missionary work! For years I´ve seen the missionaries of this church walk by and I have always felt a desire to part of that. It´s a beautiful sight. Last month I say them walking by as I was on the bus- I decided to finally talk to them! I rushed down and headed after them… do those Elders walk fast…….When I got up to meet Elder Belo and Elder Allison, and I asked how does one become part of this group. They wrote down my name and address on that little planner and told me they would pass it to the missionaries in my area.
Well, 2 days went by and they still had not passed. Then I saw two other missionaries- Elder Pollard and Elder Bitencourt. I ran after them as well. Told them I wanted that visit. They already knew my address and marked a day to be at my house. I have loved it. They have brought a few brothers from the church with them and the lessons are amazing. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. That it entirely supports the Bible. I know that all of you have friends and family that could be here and are not, and I invite you to bring them here. In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.”
We were grinning ear to ear. After he bore his testimony, he took the initiate to talk to the bishop about getting the marriage papers in for himself and the girlfriend who lives with him. He is a very well prepared man. Already was living the word of wisdom for his whole life. After each lesson, he asks where we are headed and if he can come. He´s been going with us to teach others.

It´s been a good week. We´ve been really busy. Love you lots!

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