Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Drop Off!

On April 10th Daylen was to report to the MTC at 12:40.  As a family we had lunch at Red Lobster then took a couple photos at the temple before dropping him off.  It made me tear up when I saw him wearing our dad's mission name tag.  We shared a lot of laughter as well as a few tears that morning.    Here are some photos!

We all got to give him one more hug before he left.

There wasn't enough room in the car so we had to put him in back.  Anyone order a missionary?

We were told we had two and half minutes to unload his bags, hug, and say goodbye.  All the kids stayed in the car and we gave him another last hug at the same time.

Daylen meets his "Host"

I have a testimony that families can be together forever and I am so proud that my brother can go share that with the people in Brazil.

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