Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"He will qualify you"

(Sent to Nanette)

MTC is way awesome! I got your other letter! Thank you! The care package
was amazing! Opened it last night, and shouted for joy. Had the Elders in
my dorm come over and partake. I've grown up and learned so much in these
first few days. Especially being district leader and teaching, facilitating,
and serving other missionaries. I had an Elder get discouraged and didn't
want to be here a couple days ago. I pulled him outside of the classroom
and talked with him outside. He was mostly frustrated with the language.
After some advice, I explained "I need you, I'm District Leader, and all
these missionaries older than I am are asking me questions, I don't know
exactly what I'm doing. Our district needs you, you're the funniest guy in
our district and we need you in there participating and learning. Most
importantly the Lord needs you. He called you, and he will qualify you. No
one expects you to speak portuguese, learn the language of the spirit and
you'll know portuguese."
I had a sister in the district get sick, lost her voice completely. She
asked for a priesthood blessing from me. It was amazing, first healing
blessing I said. Today, she was able to talk to us again.
I started to look outward instead of inward. 18 years, all I did was think
of me. Now, it's my desire to lose myself in the service of others. The
Savior in the midst of his trial and pain, never looked inward or for any
recognition.  (PS P-Day is on Tuesday. I only get an hour for emails. They
got no spell check so forgive me.)

(Sent to Joslyn)

I love it here. I'm running out of email time. I got your letter through Dear Elder. It would be great if everyone used it. Because I get a hard copy of it and can read it before my email time. I'm going to write you a letter and send it with more detail. Tell Nate I love him. His letter he gave me, started me off right along with dads advice. To follow every mission rule. Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles. I made a goal with my companion to follow every mission and MTC rule. No matter what. And I've started to see miracles already. I've seen missionaries discouraged ready to go home have a huge change of heart. I've seen people healed. I feel closer to God here than ever before. I feel like I now am starting to really know my savior Jesus Christ. Not just know of him. I'll give you more about what it's like here in my handwritten letter. Companion Elder Price, is a good guy. I love you so much Jo. I've always looked up to you, and you've never let me down, so I figure I always will.
PS, anything I email you or mom can go on the blog. Eu sei que o Livro de Mormon e verdadeiro, Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e o nosso Salvador e Redentor. 

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