Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Don't Drink the Orange Juice

Posso compartilhar uma experiencia com MTC?
There are many questions about the MTC, and due to my tight schedule of 16 hour days I don't have much time to explain or write down all we do. But I do have ever started to make a list of tips of the MTC for anyone who is interested.
MTC Tips
- First and foremost, don't drink the orange juice.
- Never use the 2nd shower on the left. (Sister or Elder)
- Don't eat the eggs
- Enjoy the food, take advantage. If like me you'll be going to a third world country and only eating beans and rice. With the occasional "Carne" which literally means human flesh. But it's meat or something
- When you have the urge to use the restroom, follow it.
- Always turn off the lights at 10:30, get straight to sleep to avoid utter exhaustion.
- Terribleey misspel words in letters home and emails. Why? It will make you smile when you do, and it saves time to not correct spelling mistakes
- Spell words right when writing to the Branch President each week, only exception.
- Use handsanitizers religiously (well not religiously, but often)
- Don't worship handzaniters or moan the emptiness of them
- If handsanitizer is empty, rub hands together anyways. (You'll see others use it and get confused)
- Don't get sick, wash hands, take companion to the health clinic and play with the kids toys while you wait.
- Make friends in the Laundry room, you'll be there a while.
- Laundry can be most stressful, this is the time to study and write letters, while protecting ones washer.
- Don't drink the orange Juice
- Never leave your companion
- Always have personal prayers, you may have days you've said a hundred prayers. But often the most important is the one you give each night alone on your knees. Take extra time to listen.
- Forget about yourself and serve others. It isn't about you. You represent more.
- Follow every rule no matter how dumb or unnecessary.
- Say jokes, tone down a little. Clean. But we are meant to have joy.
- Bear testimony everyday, all day, it doesn't get old.
- Uplift, encourage, correct and edify. Always show increase love after correction
- If one Elder refuses to join in the goodnight hug with the others. Tackle him. Get the hug, then go to bed. Even if he threatens to punch you.
- Don't drink the ........ (fill in the blank)
- You got it. Orange juice
- Orange strawberry banna juice is okay
- When they give you the newbie sticker when you first get here. Keep it. It proves useful
- Don't participate in any activity concerning backhair.
- Use gym time. Let out frustrations. Sweat and work hard.
- Do pullups and pushups everynight with companion
- Teach with love, love your district and respect them
- If speaking Portuguese, you'll find it difficult to speak Spanish again to those going to mexico. Italians will have a better understanding of what you're saying.
Concerning the Visa
When Christ was born, a star appeared as a sign of his birth. What's interesting is that the star was created Eons ago. Long before it was created and set into it's orbit. So at that exact time it would be made visible.
The point of me telling you this, is that I know God is aware of where I am. And long before I got the call to Brazil, he knew I would go here first. This is where I am meant to be. I know it. And there is a chance I could get reassigned to anywhere in the US in two weeks until the Visa comes. I'm halfway through the MTC training. The reassignment is not something they toss together at the last second. It goes through the same process as the first call, and I will go where I'm needed. Things are done in His time, and I trust that.
Regarding the family.
I love them with all my heart. (I even miss Rayna's pulling finger thing)
I appreciate the emails. And will send another next week.
Podemos saber que o evangelho e verdadeiro pelo poder do Espirito Santo.
Chow Chow
Elder Pollard

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