Monday, August 12, 2013

Done in the lords time

Thanks for everything mom!  Crazy to think that dad is really close to where I am right now. If I did see him, of course I would love it and be filled with great joy. Yet, I would also think it would throw me out of whack, and take time for me to refocus after, you know?
Had a good Sunday yesterday, the Bishop got up and made an announcement or rather a challenge for every person in there. He said that he would like to challenge our ward to invite one of their neighbors over for dinner this week, it has to be someone you haven't invited over before. We should change our prayers from "please bless that the missionaries will find someone to teach, rather to, please help us (meaning the members) find someone." The buzz, and excitement for missionary work in this ward is amazing. We have the one of the smallest geographical ward boundaries in the state, with only about 6 blocks. Yet, we are having a lot of work to do as missionaries. Members have told us many times, how a year ago this place was dead or stagnant as far as missionary work goes. There was nothing, if anything, more were going inactive. Now with the new baptisms, the investigators and all the lessons, the less actives are becoming active. Members are stunned to see people at church they haven't seen in years. They get excited to find out we are teaching at their neighbors house because they gave us their name. Members are becoming more involved in being missionaries themselves. One of my favorites is Sister Bay, she's around 80 years old. yet is just a fireball. She walks around her neighborhood for exercise and says hello to every person she sees. Last week she asked us to give her 3 copies of the book of Mormon for people she would like to give to. 1 in Italian, 1 in Spanish, and 1 in English. She is a great fellowshipper in the ward, she makes an effort to talk to every person we bring to church and get to know them. Even though she's old, and hard of hearing at times, she is one of the best missionaries I know, haha. She also made me a pillow :D
Things are done in the Lord's time. As my ward mission Leader (Bro Hawley) was telling us yesterday, he use to tell me goodbye after everytime I saw him, like it would be the last time, because I would get a Visa and leave. Now, he acts as though I won't leave for a while, because things are done in the Lord's time, and he is convinced I am meant to be here to be apart of this push for the work. As am I. I am pumped for the work going on, and I'm excited to see more about to come forth here. I can only see things going up and up, and it's awesome.
I love you mom! I really love my family. Thanks for everything. I miss you all so much. Tchau Tchau

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