Thursday, August 22, 2013

Consider the Lillies

P-Day was moved to today, (Wednesday) sorry if you worried about not hearing from me Monday. Part of our mission went to the temple this morning. It was way cool, every time I go, I learn something knew and enjoy it more.
I feel really grateful this past week. Lessons everyday and teaching new people. Also had a solid 4 days of doing service every morning with different people.
Last Sunday Darren Thames just showed up to church. Surprised us all, we had a great time with him. He loved it. By being a former minister and having a Master's degree in religion he participated well and was quick to understand things. His neighbor's are members and invited him and his family over for Dinner on Monday. We went by and had a good family home evening with both families. It was way fun.
In the past, nearly every day the conversation of me going to brazil gets brought up with someone. My least favorite questions are "You're still here? What's taking so long? Why don't you have it? ect." However I was happy when it was brought up with Darren and his family, he said "I hope you don't get it, I need ya to work here."
Yesterday we visited a less active family, the Houston's. Our last visit a few weeks ago I shared the spiritual thought "consider the Lilies." The story about You and our family, and how the Lord has blessed us. The Houston's went on a trip to visit family in California and told me they must have shared that story 3 times with people. It had such a profound effect on them.
We've been working a lot with a family I love deeply, the Hunsickers. (I think I'll write a letter about them and the cool experience of teaching them). I have often found that my experiences, and especially my trials of hard times that I shared with them, made a difference in their life. After visiting that family, I feel so strongly, "this is one of the reasons I was reassigned here." It has blown my mind, on how the Lord has used what I am for what this family needed. I think the Lord does the same for all his missionaries and people, regardless of how unqualified or how many faults he or she may have, that missionary or person may be the exact voice some need to hear. Our times of hardship and trial, can give us so much more love and compassion for others and we will be better able to help them draw closer to the Savior. Our simple testimony, can be the very power of God unto the convincing of men.  
I am so grateful to be here, right here. This is exactly where the Lord wants me, for how long is still unknown, but I am grateful I didn't have to wait until Brazil to see miracles. I have learned things I hope I never forget. I hope I never forget how good I feel. I have learned so much, the deepest questions answered.
 I love my family!   Love you all.

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