Monday, August 12, 2013

??Questions Qusestions??

Wuz up Family? Something I've learned, is questions are amazing! Being asked questions can be awesome, whether they come from investigators, random people, or members. It gives a great opportunity to explain doctrine in simple terms, and bear testimony. Some questions are just awesome, we knocked on the Hold's door (The one family that had the dog that pee'd on Elder Titus) the father, Conrad, first tried to dismiss us at first, But we offered just to answer any questions he had about our religion. He then asked the best question I've been asked yet.  "I hear a lot of people who go to your church, say 'I've learned so much.' And I just always hear things like that from Mormons. So my question is, why is that you do learn so much, and what is something you've learned by being a member?"  With him standing in the doorway and us standing outside, I guess it was my first doorstep lesson, We spent the next 20 min bearing testimony. How we've learned of the very real relationship you can have with Heavenly Father, and how much he loves us. The atoning Sacrifice of the Savior. How much the Gospel blesses families and they can be sealed together forever. . When we each finished, he had tears in his eyes as he expressed the way he felt for his family and towards God. He had felt the spirit strongly as we spoke with him.
Other questions are pretty funny. A member asked me yesterday "So, self-checkout. That's okay to shop on Sunday. Because I'm not making anyone work, right?" (Can't believe I never thought of that one) Destry
I've learned asking inspired questions make a huge difference. Teaching a lesson, is more of just having a conversation with someone. I once felt impressed to ask Ryan, "what has been your favorite part about meeting with us?" He was silent for like a whole minute! I almost felt uncomfortable, but knew I just needed to wait for his response. He began to cry (People cry a lot here.....I nearly expect to see someone to cry everyday....for good reasons most of the time) as he expressed how great it feels to get back to reading the scriptures again. He hadn't realized how much he was missing out on, he thought he was having a good time and things were all good, but he hadn't realize how far he had gone from God, and he is grateful because from the day he met us he began to pray, and read, and search for the truth. He has found great joy in gaining that relationship.
There is this awesome family, the Hardingers,( Do you use a fake name when you put it on the blog? I just think it would be funny if one of the people I was talking about found the blog, and was like, hey! That's me) (For the record, no but I have kept names out when I feel it is appropriate.) Brother Hardinger went inactive at age 12 or something. His wife, people told me when they knew her a year ago they thought she'd be the last on to join the church. She went to Catholic school her whole life and hard feelings towards Mormons. They have 3 boys. And the wife and kids actually got baptized like 6 months ago and are now in our ward. We go over every week or so to help them out. They feel like they don't know much about the Gospel, and most of the time we just tell them you know enough. We've helped Sister Hardinger accepted a call to be a visiting teacher, and Brother Hardinger just got the Melchezidek Priesthood yesterday( and yeah, he cried). We are helping them get their family to the temple, it's been awesome to see how much they are growing.  
I dunno what else to really say. I could tell more stories, but I don't really like writing these emails, I bore myself. Does anyone actually read that blog? When I see other missionaries letters home it's like "Hey ya'll, things are good. Still teaching. Church is true I think. Eat good. Love ya." I'm over here typing away a big ol novel of the crying people I see.  
Eh, Love you mom! Thanks so much for everything! I love you Daddio! I love you Jo and doh, and Rayna and Sienna and Lilly! (And Toby, but I try not to think about him, or I might cry...just kidding)

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