Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!

One night this week, I was deep asleep, and my companion was calling my name and taping my leg. I heard him faintly, but was too tired to get up. He seemed to give up and went back to bed. 
When 6:30 am came he told me why he was trying to wake me up. In the middle of the night, he felt something fall on his bed. Half awake, he tiredly looked around to see. He reached to his side and picked up something black. He brought it close to his face to see what it was. It was warm......then it breathed...... A Bat! 
He let go and the Fruit bat took of screeching around the room. The little guy flew over by me and fell down between my bed and the wall, right by my feet. Elder Costa e Silva got up and tried to wake me. Then just shrugged his shoulders and went back to bed. 
WHAT WAS HE THINKING!?  Do you know how cool of a picture that would have been? When I got up, the bat was already gone. Why didn´t he wake me? I´m still going to sleep with the window open and hope for a second chance. 

This Saturday, was a very remember able. I had the privilege of finally seeing Gostavo and Kedson Baptized. Gostavo and Kedson have been waiting for this day for about 4 years. It was so amazing. The spirit was so strong and there was just a sacred feeling around, like that of the temple. It was a moment of a surety that there were many rejoicing on both sides of the veil. 

On Wednesday I had a neat experience. A few weeks ago I met a man in his 20´s named Kyle. Though he didn´t seem really interested in our message. I felt to just start teaching and helping him. Soon, we began teaching his younger sister as well. This week we met his mother. I asked her "what is a prophet?" She responded with tears of gratitude "I believe in prophets, because a few weeks ago I prayed for the Lord to send prophets to my home and teach my son and help him, then you guys showed up. "
Although we are not prophets, we are sent by one. I am sure of this.

Thanks so much for everything. I love you mom. I love you dad. I am so grateful for my family and friends and your support. I have been upheld by your prayers. I have learned this language because of your help and prayers in my behalf. I couldn´t be here without you. 
Till next week! 

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