Sunday, September 21, 2014

9-1-14 Having been born of Goodly Parents

 (Nanette and I had no idea the profound effect our words and actions would have on our children's life seemingly simple interactions and life lessons have really made and impact. These were really no BIG moments to us just trying to be what we thought were good parents. We are so proud of Daylen and all our children for the examples they are and are humbled that they think that their character had something to do with the way we "raised"them. Destry)  I had a neat experience this week that gave me  a greater appreciation for our family. We were at the home of the releif society president, named Saundra. She´s just an amazing member, of only 2 years in the church. She has 3 young children, and with all the many things she has to do, still managed to make us lunch this week. She asked me, if all my family were members of the church, I told her yes, and as one of my new favorite things to talk about I started telling stories of our ancestory from Thomas Grover to early pioneers to missionaries.
Then, I heard from the concerned and worried voice of our mother for her children, she asked me. ´How do you feel towards your parents? Did you ever fall away from the church? How is that they raised you to be strong in the gospel? What did they do?´ 
My first thoughts I shared were on dad´s attitude, whenever I complained ´do we have to? Do we have to do this?´ He answer was always the same ´No, you get to.´ Dad had a way of understanding personal agency, and that we must do things for ourselves, or our character and attitude cannot be changed. We will not benefit from the work or service if we don´t want to do those things. We cannot be happy doing the things that make us happy, if we don´t want to do those things. I never felt I had to read or pray or go to church. Dad even asked me if I was sure I wanted to go on the mission, I knew he would have given full support had I choosed not to or to wait. I knew I would never be punished for falling short, when I once returned home from school with poor grades, he responded lovingly to keep trying, they were better grades than what he got. Because of that, I wasn´t ever ashamed to come to him when I struggled at school, because I knew he would understand. The relationship, motivated me to do better in school and try harder. 
It has been dad´s earnestness and honesty about his mission, that has often carried me to keep going on mine. And be the best I can be. 
Then I spoke of you mom, one experience brought me to tears as I told it. I was coming home late one night. I knew I was in the wrong. I was late to the hour I should have been home. Hastenily driving home, with only pathetic exscuses to give I arrived to find you not home. Pain and nervousness hit me as I learned you had left, out looking for me, this had my guilt only grow. I expected a lecture or a punishment, anger, dissapointment or frustration to come from you by the time you had returned. But you suprised me, with tears in your eyes, you gave me a hug, and said ´I´m grateful that your okay´  
That changed my life, more than any lecture ever could have. You didn´t even give a lecture, just assured me of your trust in me to be doing the right thing. That trust and love, helped me in times of temptations and trial. It drove me to do my best in all things, it brought the best I could give, because I knew it´s what was expected. I still made many mistakes, but I felt my parents love was always there. Faith in your and my families love, brought me to faith in the Savior´s love. 
The member here, Saundra began to cry. She thanks you. She thanks us for having great missionaries in the ward. The ward has been so good to us, and nearly all we do, there is a member with us, helping us find and teach and re-activate. There is no greater call, than the call of a parent. Your influence in my life, as affected many lives here. Thank you mom and dad, for your love and support.   Until next week. 
Ti amo

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