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9/29/14 Need your prayers

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Things are fantastic here in Cajazeiras!  We have more people to teach than we know what to do with. Other areas in our zone are struggling to find people to teach, and I been trying to figure out why they couldn´t find people, and we seem to have too many people. Our issue isn´t in finding, but follow-up with all these people and helping them progress. What is it we were doing that they weren´t? 
Well, our President, President Lisonbee answered that. He called us this week and asked if we wanted to have lunch with him. It was really neat. We talked about a lot of things, from going to school, to our zone, to future profession.. Anyway, in our conversion he stated that a good way to find people to teach, is through the members and the less-actives. Then we realized,  We often just went out to the members and went with them to find the less-actives, in the process the spirit has always lead us to people to teach. 
We had a neat experience this week, Bishop gave us a list of some less-actives he wanted us to find and bring back. We went near the area where they lived, and took the list to the home of an active member, Washington. We explained to Washington the challenge Bishop had given us, and asked if he would help. We showed the list and told him to pick someone to go see. We then headed off together searching for the street and house. 
The thing is. Here in Salvador, addresses of homes are tough! One road will have about 4 different names, that are just determined by whoever, no signs to tell anything. The numbers of houses are mumbo jumbo, like everyone just picked their favorite number and drew it on their home. Then, someone builds their house on top or behind and just uses the same address. Until there´s a stack of like 10 houses with the same address. Hahaha, one day I´ll miss this place.
In the mix of all the confusion, we headed up some stairs, in the midst of a few homes. Washington stopped at one of these homes, seemly going straight to it. I had a good feeling about this home as well. There we didn´t find the less-active. But the Lord sent us to an Elderly Couple , Pedro and His wife Elinese. We said that we were representatives of Jesus Christ, sent to help them. We asked if we could give a message. They accepted. We started by singing a hymn that stirred our hearts ´I need thee, every hour.´
.After We asked, if the Lord was here before you, what would you ask for? Pedro and Elinese are in their 70´s, they both said they desire greater health. We knelt and prayed for them. When we finished Pedro began to weep silently. He and Elinese were greatly touched. We invited them to come to church the next day with us. They accepted.
Washington went by their house and made the walk and bus trip to church with them. There were powerful meetings. After sacrament meeting Washington insisted my companion and I to teach them the Restoration in that very moment, so they could understand better. We went in a room with the couple and asked what they thought of church. Pedro and Elinese had been fully active in another church, but Pedro stated he felt so good, and then told his wife ´we´ll be here every Sunday!´ 
Our hearts and theirs were touched by the message of the restoration we then discussed with them. As we finished how this is the Lord´s Jesus Christ Church. The only living and True Church. We invited them to be baptized. Which Pedro, accepted with joy. Then Elinese said she surely would too, stating she wouldn´t let him do this alone. 
I ask for my family´s help to pray for these people. We need it. Unfortunately, an issue here is that very few are legally married. And we must first help them through the papers of marriage to then be baptized. 
Others we are teaching that are in the process of getting married. Are Valmir and Creusa. Daniel and Josey. Pedro and Maria. Kelly and Joanderson, all have been attending church, and  if there was time I would love to tell the stories of each. Pray for them and for us, so we can help them come to Christ. .  
I love you!!! 

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