Monday, September 22, 2014

9/22/14 "Even the very drunks obey him"

Elder Reynolds has a gift or a curse, or some magical power to draw drunk people to him. I´ve never had so many drunk people stop us on the street. I think it´s his blond hair, that makes him stick out and gives these intoxicated men a desire to talk to him. They try to speak English with him and discuss things of the US. The only English they speak is ´Goodie Morniningie´ which is an attempt of ´Good Morning.´
It often makes me laugh. Yesterday on our way to church, there was a dirty, drunk man in the middle of the road arguing with and bugging another person. He was shouting at someone. Elder Reyonlds put his arm around him and said ´Brother.....let´s go to church.´ I could hardly believe my eyes that he came with us. He didn´t say anything more, than let´s go, and the man followed. He came and sat through the priesthood meeting with us. 
I heard a member say concerning my companion ´what manner of man is this, that even the very drunks obey him?´ 
  Graziela called us this week and asked for us to come and teach her father and brother. ´they are also less active,´she said ´ And they are tough in the heart with no desire to go back, but so was I. So come over.´ We´ve had some powerful lessons with her family this week. And we can´t help but smile, they gave the same excuses that Graziela gave. But now she´s back and is encouraging her family. She brought her sister law Kelly, who is not a member, to church yesterday.And we are excited for the progress that is happening. 
Zeek, is a still a powerful member missionary. We´ve been teaching his cousin Josey and her husband Daniel. Yesterday they went to church together. Along with Zeek´s friend Hogo and his wife. 
I am so grateful that Joslyn and Nate are praying for these people. Please do. It makes a large difference. 
We had a zone meeting. 4 Elders were unable to come, because their areas are too far, over 8 hours. This week, we're headed up north to our zone to give a training and fireside in the smaller branches with our mission president. Transfers are tomorrow, I´m staying here with my companion, But our zone is about to get even larger and receive more missionaries, so we´re excited for that. 
Love you all!

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