Monday, November 24, 2014

11/10/14 Saying goodbye to Elder Reynolds

This has been the last week for my companion Elder Reynolds. I feel so attached to him. Before he came, I saw my area as rather a dark, heavy feeling, and dangerous place. I felt like I was in a constant battle spiritually. Never before I have seen so much sin and destruction. I felt weighed down and worried. Then, Elder Reynolds came. He didn´t change our circumstances, He changed me. One of his greatest gifts, is helping someone see their weakness, put it right in front of their face, and then he gives great counsel to overcome them. 
It´s what he did to me. I expressed to him, that at times I was afraid to build people up, to compliment them, for fear that it would cause them to become prideful. But he taught me it does just the opposite. He taught me if you treat someone the way they are, they will continue to stay the way they are. But if you treat someone the way they could and should be, they will become that person. 
He taught me so much about humility. He taught me about always placing others first. To get up and make your companion´s bed, before making your own. To make him breakfast first, then find food for yourself. He taught me to believe in people and to trust in God. He taught me to never let a problem to be solved, ever become more important than a person to be loved. 
He taught me how to patiently wait with joy, even when we are late. He taught me that there is a way to act as the Savior would, when you are in a hurry, calmly and with joy. He taught me how to overcome feeling over-heated or tired. He showed me how to be childlike and to laugh often. 
I love him. and I´ll greatly miss him. It has been so neat to see a noble and great one, finishing his mission. I have witnessed him being upheld by angels. I have seen his words and presence touch lives. I saw the Lord blessing us with miracles. We have so many people ready and many to teach. The church has become so full, I think we´ve been the largest ward in the state.
Our strongest points has been our relationship. I know Elder Reynolds completely, of past experiences and facts I could easily be outbeat. But I know who he is, and who he will be. He is a humble servant of God, who teaches with boldness, most often by example. 
We gave a training this week to the zone, about bettering your relationship with your companion. We had lots of laughs and funny practices. But I was most touched by a senior couple, a sister who stood and said ´I´ve always wondered when it was that my kids who served missions became men. I know they left as boys, and returned men. But at what point did this change happen? I know now, that it happens in meetings like these, searching to get better.´ 
It´s been a great time serving together..............i got a feeling I may just be companions with his cousins, who is also serving here. 
Thanks for everything I love you! Till next week.   

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