Monday, November 24, 2014

11/17/14 Small World

Over one year ago. I was in a pleasant ward named Lynbrook. It composed of only about 6 blocks of the massive city of Las Vegas. I loved our P-Day´s. We would go to the church gym and play basketball. Nearly every week, there was a member named Surf Decker. He was the High School Basketball captain, and he brought some of the best baller´s in the neighborhood to play with us. 

I loved the Decker family. Their home was always pleasant and welcoming to be in. It was full of laughter and life. And yet had a beautiful peaceful feeling. It was a strong family in the gospel and they loved the missionaries. It was Brother Decker who told us about the Carter family to go visit, which we did and Austin Carter was the first baptism I saw on the mission. They were so excited for me to go to Brazil and always showed me great support. They themselves had 2 kids serving missions at that time, with one more, being Surf getting ready to go. 
Someone asked me where I thought Surf would go on his mission. Joking, I said Salvador Brazil.
Well, I entered in the chapel building for transfers on Tuesday. Sister Lisonbee came up to me and told me there was a new missionary from Las Vegas asking for an Elder Pollard. I was filled with Joy to see Elder Decker (Surf)! Haha, small world.  (I´ll send photo next week!)
I have one amazing friend as my new companion Elder Morgan! He´s very loving and kind. He has served me greatly. He cleansed our home of all spiders and dirt. Re-organized all my things and showed me a greater way to live. As he cleaned and served me, he said ´sometimes we can´t express how much we love someone, we just have to show it by serving them.´ 
He´s fallen perfectly into place in the area. The ward has welcomed in him. And the investigators and less-actives he has continued to push on what Elder Reynolds and I were doing, he often says to them ´Do you know Elder Reynolds? He´s my cousin. And God sent me to finish what he has started.´ Of many miracles, I enjoyed how he took all the coffee out of a less-active, Angela´s home and threw it out. After a great message of overcoming addictions by setting goals for today, and not waiting until tomorrow,, she was at church yesterday.
The work keeps going on. We are bringing the gospel to many. 
Love you all!    

I´m loving this area! It´s become to feel like a 2nd home for me. I love the people, they are very receptive and kind. Our ward is amazing, because everyone loves to serve us and help us.  

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