Monday, November 24, 2014

11/23/14 Answers to YOUR questions.

Our zone has gained a few more missionaries, the brand new missionaries are my favorite ones to call. They are so excited and anxious. We gave a zone training about effective planning, it was fun, we involved arm-wrestling and spoke about that techniques can make you much more effective than brute force. I´ll show you one day. 
There´s a family we are teaching. Josefa (mother), Elide, Perolá, and Evane. Elide is 23, she´s the oldest. 2 days ago, she asked us a question. ´Why does God allow so much suffering? Why is there so much suffering?´ We could see the pain in her eyes, but wouldn´t give her an answer. For we have learned, when an answer is just given, it´s easily forgotten within a few days. But when an answer comes from the spirit, through seeking it, we remember it for the rest of our lives. 
So, we taught her how to get the answer. We marked 2 Nephi 2. The instructions were simple. Pray-ask God the question. Read the chapter. Go to Church, and you´ll get YOUR answer. Not, THE answer, it will feel personalized. 
One of my concerns here in the ward, is the quality of teaching. In the gospel principles class, I was concerned a great deal of all our investigators and less-actives that went to it. I am certain, that we don´t go to church to learn a few more doctrinal facts, we need to feel the presence of the Lord. I, myself struggled in that class to stay awake. 
We prayed about it a great deal. We didn´t stop praying about how to help that teacher, until we got an answer. We received the answer, that we must show the teacher who she is and who she can become. We thanked her for her classes and her help. She expressed that she felt that students weren´t learning. We suggested that we meet with her and tell her of all the people that come to that class, so she could know and pray for them by name. My companion chose a talk about the Savior´s example of teaching. We expressed our appreciation and assured her that she had been called of God, and He will give her what to do and say. 
We came that Sunday, with many less-actives and investigators, including Eldie. The class was different, more personal. The chairs were set in a circle, instead of rows. The teacher was sitting with us asking inspired questions. She did fantastic. Personal experiences were shared that impressed us. Tears were shed with testimony. And a question was asked by our ward mission Leader ´Some may ask,´He said ´Why does God allow so much suffering?´ Then He answered it. Entirely. Elide looked at me, and I couldn´t help but laugh. I´m so grateful for that class, and look forward to it again. For the manual wasn´t being taught anymore, people were. 
Later that night. Elide expressed how she got her answer, and said she wants to be baptized. Pray for her family. We are grateful for the Lord´s Hands here. 
I love you all. Something my companion Elder Morgan has taught that the greater the Trial, the greater our capacity to feel joy in helping others. I can see clearly, because of his trials, he has a great capacity at discerning the needs of others and helping them. I am grateful for challenges. I am grateful for the Savior, who suffered all things, so that he could succor his people. Succor- meaning to literally run to. He faced pains, so that He could be with us in ours.    
Te Amo! 

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