Friday, May 3, 2013

Laundry with Joseph Smith- Photos

(Sent Tuesday)

P-day changed to friday. Until then. I love you

I'm sending a letter today, let me know if you get it. Let me know if you can open my pictures, the first one is Laundry day with Joseph Smith!
The next is me giving a piggy back ride to Elder West. He is a great missionary in my district. He's the youngest of 6, and all of his family have fallen away from the church. And at age 24, he felt something missing from his life, and decided to go on a mission. He's 24! I tease him about his age all the time, like asking if he had to leave his wife and kids at home. But, He's a great guy. An amazing example to people here, hey, when I'm 24 I want to go a mission too. He adds a higher level to the missionaries here.
I love you Jo, and I love Nate. Thank you for all the support. Write me soon.

A few more photos!

This Elder is doing a backflip in our room.

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