Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All a Buzz in the work

I have a calling card from the MTC still, so I think I'll be able to call. I really don't have much information. Don't think I'll be able to email next week, but I'll make sure I call home than dad's phone if no no one answers. I sent dad a package today for his birthday with a letter.(I hate post offices, I imagine they are only more confusing down there)
This week has been crazy! A couple days ago, I went on exchanges in a different area. We did service for these people that had a major hornet infestation. I was with 3 other missionaries, and when we got out of the car, we could hear what sounded like a generator. On the side of the roof was a solid wall of thousands of bees. I have never seen anything like it. Luckily we knew a member who was a bee keeper, and let us use 3 of his suits. (4 Elders, only 3 suits. Haha Elder Resser had a homemade one, composing of a laundry sack and a bike helmet, winter gloves, ect...hahah) Those bee suits work! (maybe not Elder Resser, but he didn't get stung, none of us did, it was crazy). There we so many, that you could just start clapping and you would kill some. We had a smoker and bee-killer, I think we won...kinda.....
But besides the usual adventures of service. My favorite part was teaching a new investigator named Ilona. A 70 year old German lady, who was raised Catholic and Protestant. She's been to a lot of bible studies her whole life from all sorts of religions. She said many of them, compared themselves to the Mormons. She heard a lot of odd things, and she had a good friend in our ward named Nellie Hair. Ilona noticed with sister Hair's family the "fruits" of the gospel. She said that Nellie and her family still faced trials, but had a very Christ centered life, a strong family relationship, and just always seemed to be of good cheer. Nellie invited her to come to institute for the New Testament class. Ilona went to the class every week for a year, and enjoyed studying the bible there. They finished the class and just began the book of Mormon. It was not long, that Ilona asked to be baptized. (I remember a quote I heard that "it will be the book of Mormon that converts this generation and not the bible)
We had our first lesson with her about the restoration, she asked many questions, but loved every bit of it. Often saying that it made so much sense finally. She committed to be baptized on Nov. 9th. I was touched by her closing prayer. "thank you, for after all these years of searching and searching, I have found the path." She softly cried, and her testimony touched my own, as she looked me in the eyes and told us to "I hope you can go find all the other little old ladies, because I know there are many, go find them."
Last general conference I remember someone saying "you're never too young to learn, never to old to change."
I am grateful to have been able to serve here in Las Vegas, and see people find peace and comfort and miracles in there lives as they learn and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have never felt greater joy, than the things that come from Serving and sharing my witness and testimony.
Love you so much mom! I love my family!

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