Monday, October 14, 2013

October 7 "the practice makes perfrect con"

Conference was tight. Sunday morning we watched it with some recent converts. Saturday we missed the first session because we were doing service and taught a lesson after. But the Dyer's (the family we stay with) record conference, so we caught up and watched it with them.
Kinda funny, the people we taught on Saturday we just met while walking down the road. A guy name Lance (early 50's) pulled up and asked if we were interested in doing service for him. He had some friends that were Mormon and they told him if he saw missionaries they will help him do things. So we did yard work with him and his roommate Roberto, they are starting to tile his house too. After doing service for a few hours he ordered a pizza for us, and as we left he offered  in much appreciation if there was anything he could do for us.
I thought for a moment, he had stated earlier that he wasn't interested in our church or anything.
So I asked "Well, as missionaries we teach a couple of different lessons. And frankly we need to practice. Do  you think that we could practice on you guys, and you can give us feedback about what you liked and ask questions and express how you feel."
He agreed that would be great, so he could help us be better teachers. So we taught them the 1st lesson. They felt the spirit testify to them, and we have two new investigators.  I'm confident in our message of the restoration. I am thoroughly convinced that anyone really looking for truth, ends up here. I know that God answers our prayers because He's answered mine. I know that Joseph Smith, though imperfect, was still a prophet of God. I have never asked a person to do something to know the truth that I haven't done and experienced myself. I know the Book of Mormon to be the words of Christ, I have received that witness of the divinity of the book over and over again. I know this is Jesus Christ church once again established on the earth. I know He leads it, He leads me. I have felt of His love. Things just seem so clear, I am happy. I am so grateful for my active parents. I love my sisters greatly.
O batismo é o objetivo.
A conversão é a meta.
O Amor é o motivo.
A doutrina é o ponto-chave.
O Espírito é o professor.

Hearts and hugs and handshakes,
Corações e braços,
Elder Pollard

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