Monday, October 7, 2013

Dinner Time

Yo, I still got da funnies alrigh?  But I'm goin to memorize that list to get more meals.
Hmm, the times I've been fed really well, are when  we have a double dinner. Two families feed us dinner back to back. Had 3 once, like 5pm 6pm and 7pm. Those are so good. (my companions hate them, I find ways to let them happen) Member or not, it has even been my door approach before. For example
'knock knock'
"not interested" (common response, little rude way to answer, good thing they didn't say who's there, or I would have told a joke I learned from Lilly or something)
I may respond with something like " that's okay, how are you today?" or "we are service missionaries, is there anything we can do for you, we love service." If still denied, I will joke around and ask if they will feed us, because we love food too.
You would be surprised how many doors have opened.
  I'll answer your question of strangest food once I get to Brazil.

Oh, address is the same. It's the mission office is where letters go, and they get forawared to me. Love you and Nate, and mom , and dad, and everyone, and ice cream.

This is the list I sent to Daylen:
Top 10 Reasons to Feed the Missionaries 

10.  Good way to get material for your talk next week.
9.  Good way to use up outdated food storage items.
8.  Gives you someone to watch the kids while you fix dinner.
7.  Meal is tax deductible.
6.  Good way to get rid of those week-old leftovers.
5.  Can you say, "free dishwashers?"
4.  Good excuse to order pizza.
3.  Good way to "one-up" the Smiths.
2.  Better company than the home teachers.
1.  Who else will eat your cooking?

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