Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2014 After the Call Home

It was so awesome to see you guys yesterday. But I can see why they only allow it twice a year, I was doing just fine before, but after that will get you home sick. Okay now, but working and planning after skype the day of was tough my mind wasn´t very focused. Talking to each of you was such an amazing joy, I couldn´t stop smiling. Kept laughing of prank after, I wish I could have seen the reaction when you thought Elder Costa e Silva was me (with my name tag) then he sat down. I thought about how you said I look the same, then laughed, perhaps because for a split second you thought I turned into Elder Costa e Silva.

(Yes, Daylen played a prank on us, when the Skype video came on Elder Costa was standing in front of the camera, all we could see was a white shirt and name badge.  We kept calling out "Sit Down!"  and screaming with delight to see our brother.  When he finally sat we saw a very dark-skinned short-haired fella who just grinned at us... we were totally fooled).

Yesteray Hogo was baptized. I met him when I first got here. He was a friend of a less-active named Sidiclay. It´s been so amazing to see the Lord´s hands in their lives. They started Capoeira class (A brazilian fighting style) in our church each saturday. Sidiclay brought his friend to the activity. Then eventually to church. The impressive part was Hogo continued to go to church by himself, even without his friend. He gave us the referral of His girlfriend Stefane, they have a little baby. They began coming to church together, and obeying the cammandments.  Now Sidiclay is preparing to go on a mission, and Hogo was baptized and is a great example for everyone. He´s brought with him a couple of friends to church as well, including His Capoeira Master/Trainer. 
Stefane was also baptized last week. There was no doubt that she was just ready with her large smile and joyful presence. The week before Elder Gonçalves and Elder Alancar (who also taught Hogo and Stefane) found a young man named James, 14 years old. The gospel has been the best thing for him, I love to see His excited face, and just how happy is each Sunday

In a letter to Joslyn: 

I was thinking about what you asked me yesterday. You question was something like what´s my favorite food, and what food I miss the most. If I remember right. So, Here´s some photos. One is a classic plate of what my lunch looks like. Lunch is the biggest meal, dinner is at about 9:30 just before we go to bed we make something. Breakfast is usually a tube of cookies, or crackers with juice and fruit, eggs.  You know those one vanilla wafer cookies we use to always eat? They have those, but in like 10 different flavors, with lemon, strawberry, etc. 
The other photo is called a corxina. It´s deep fried and has a type of chicken inside. I love the Pastels here,. I also love Cheese bread. It comes in little bread balls filled with cheese, kinda like a mozzarella stick. 
The other photo is a coconut, they cut of the end, than you drink the water. It´s really good and sweet, doesn´t actually taste like a coconut. 
There´s all kinds of fruits we don´t have. 
I think what I miss the most is mom´s beef sue. And a large plate of Nachos. 

Oh no, I´m like out of time. But I said I would answer Nate´s question, which in actuality I did in my testimony, but I don´t think you guys understood. In short (though it deserves a longer answer), one of the greatest things I´ve learned in personal study is how to lose myself for Christ´s sake and thereby finding myself. I´ve learned about losing all acts of disobedience, stresses, worries, fears, anger, pride, self-centerness, and using my personality to help the work. Talking and bearing testimony to everyone, even stopping to sing a hymn for people in the streets. We can still be us, be our character and have the character of Christ. We cannot lose ourselves for His sake, without being ourselves. That´s how the light of Christ works, and when we exercise that light, when we see Him we shall be like Him. With our smiles, we have His image on our couternance. It is through our true personality we come to know His.
Needs better explaination, but I Love you! 

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