Monday, May 19, 2014

The field is ready for harvest

Yesterday we had a large district meeting, the two branches and the one 1 branch from Luis Edwardo (1 hour away) met together in one chapel. These 3 branches are all the Saints on this side of Bahia. Our mission President Hart (and his wife) presided. There was just such an exciting feeling having all the members together, we were crammed into the chapel with people standing. To think just a few years ago they met together in a small home. Only 8 years ago, the church wasn´t even here. 
They called the meeting an historic event. Now with 12 missionaries, it´s the highest number of members and missionaries here. President Hart and other leaders spoke about our goals for another branch, then a few wards, then a stake and so on and how we will accomplish it working together. 
One of the neatest part of the meeting was the 6 youth about to leave for missions. They are 6 people that have become my friends and have gone with us to teach.
19 year old Wesley, joined the church about 3 years ago, last year he baptized his younger sister. His older sister and parents are still not members. He´s the Elder´s quorum president. He received his call yesterday brought with President Hart, to São Paulo North, Brasil. 
Joice is 20 years old and I´m grateful she has gone with us nearly every day to teach people. She joined the church just a couple of years ago, and is the only member of her family. She also received her call yesterday to São Paulo North, haha. 
Sara, about age 22 is leaving to São Paulo West, going to the MTC the same time as Joice and Wesley. She´s also the only member from her family. 
Derivan age 20 is heading to Santos, Brasil, his older sister is a member as well, but inactive. He didn´t even tell his parents he was going on a mission until a week after he got his call. 
Leo age 19 heading to Columbia, the only member from his family. 
Vania age 20 (who left 2 weeks ago) is in Capa Verde, Africa. She´s the only one from her family. 
Wonderson, still waiting for his call, age 18. 
These people have touched my life. They are amazing examples of youth. They have become my friends and I´ll miss them, as will the branches. we just feel so happy seeing this area not only just grow, but putting out servants of the Lord to bless others. 
That´s all folks, love ya´ll. 

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