Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 5, 2014 Craving a Taco

Man, this computer is annoying, it´s translated all the emails to
Portuguese. You speak pretty well mom.
I will get on skype 8:00pm here Sunday, that´s 5:00pm there. (Daylight
savings doesn´t exist here in Bahia) I´m stoked. Also grateful for my
friend Brian, the only American I know here that started an English
school here. We were talking about our craving for a taco or a burrito.
Despite what most people think, there´s not really any Mexican food
here (there´s also not 5 de Maio), I have never seen a taco or even a
tortilla. Yesterday, somehow Brian found some expiensive type of bread
that was basically a tortilla. And he made us some Fajitas. It was
awesome, when I eat something similar to what I ate at home it brings
back of feeling of being home. Brian also has the fastest internet
connection in the city in his school, where I will do skype. If it
doesn´t work out, I´ll try to email you before hand with a different

I haven´t gotten the Easter package yet, hoping it will get here in a
week or so there´s some transfers. If you could (realizing you may
have already sent in the other package) send me some type of mixing packages would be good. Like sloppy jo,
gravy mix, and stuff that´s small and light-weight so it doesn´t cost
a lot, but can last me a while with some american food.

The week has been awesome. Remember the story I shared of 3 children,
Gostavo and Kedson, that have been going to church now for nearly 4
years? We had an amazing experience with the dad, in just small and
simple means of listening, asking questions, and showing genuine love,
the spirit touched his heart and he gave permission. Gostavo and
Kedson are going to be baptized this week. I love those kids so much
and I just had a moment of overwhelming gratitude to be here when they
ran and gave me hug with big smiles.

Do you remember a story I sent about Hogo and Stephanie? Who were a
couple with a child? Stephanie was baptized yesterday. She is so
amazing. I loved some of the responses she gave as I interviewed her.
I asked what does repentance mean? She responded ´it´s what I am doing
right now.´ I asked her if she felt she had completely repented of all
her sins and felt forgiven. Her face light up and with a large smile
and soft laugh she responded, yes. It was just so neat to see that. To
see someone really come to find that faith in the Savior, to feel
clean of everything, and make a promise to follow Him.
Hogo is also preparing to be baptized. He doesn´t have a date yet, but
is doing really well.

Thank you so much for everything mom. Thank you for your prayers and
thoughts. I thank you and dad for each time you speak about me, and
you share with people and I hope it helps their lives. I love you all.
I am so excited to see the smiling faces of my family Sunday. The time
has gone by quickly, and at the same time I feel like ´home´ was a
life-time ago, like a different life, or nearly a dream. Because I
feel different. I feel so much lighter, happier, full of love, and so
grateful for this opportunity to serve.

Shout outs to- Talesha! Parabens! Congrats on graduating! That´s
awesome, your´re an awesome example for me and our family.
Robert and Marilee- If you get some time, send me a quick email and
tell me how things are going. I love you gurys.

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