Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12/22/14 Be Your Perfect Self

Everything is wonderful and fun. I´m running around a lot and so much has happened. I remember during the week there were some really neat things that happened I wanted to share. But now that I´m here I´ve drawn a blank. I don´t know how. I´ve sat at the screen staring into to space for a while, I really just don´t know what to say. I´m just kinda excited. I got your christmas box, it had a little christmas tree and a stocking. I have my desk at the office all decorated, (with a value of less than $2,75 of decorations-close one eye and it´s almost like the river ranch!) with the AC turned up and some Christmas music with this chocolate orange it sure feels almost like home. 
I´m having fun. I get a lot calls from missionaries and love to talk with them. I find it neat at night to just look at the board of all the missionaries, and listen to the spirit to know who is need of our care.  I feel too much energy when we get to have a day with president at the office, I just want to get back out and teach.  
I was with Elder Driscoll (my past companion) and he was telling me about a training he was going to give about inspired invitations to bring people closer to the savior.  He told me about receiving revelation for the investigator to know what invite to give. I asked him to give me an inspired invite. He sat for a a while in silence. I know he was praying silently. Then he looked me in the eye, nodded his head. I felt a little anxious, but when he spoke I felt a soothing feeling come over my heart. 
He said
´Elder Pollard, I invite you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to accept who you are, for it has a part of who you will be. ´   
It was simple, but I felt it was what the Lord expects of me. I´ve learned on the mission, that the Lord gives personal commandments, the book of Mormon is full of them. (Nephi to go get the plates). Well, the most repeated personal commandment the lord has constantly given me on this mission is to be myself. The voice of the Lord has repeated this to me more times than I can count. To hold nothing back. To give it my all in all areas. To get even more open. To reach out even more. To get more out there. 
He has taught me, that all personalities are designed to be perfect. That no one actually is a quiet person or weak in any one area. For when when lose ourselves serving others, we will find ourselves. That is, find ourselves with the character of Christ. Full of light, hope, optimism, enthusiasm, faith, charity and every other good attribute and talent the Lord has given and plans to give us. 
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! This week we´ve gone Christmas caroling and it has been a blast, we´ve found some great people to teach. I pray our presents for the Savior this Christmas will be are very best self´s. 
Love you!! I´m so proud of my family, can´t wait to see ya! 

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