Tuesday, January 6, 2015

12/29/14 Carrying others burdens

Nanette and I met a wonderful family who happened to meet Daylen in Las Vegas and they in turn happened to be friends with another family in our ward. When they were here visiting over Christmas they had stop and tell us what a wonderful son we have. I tell you it is difficult living up to this kid. I just kind of stood there and said "yup that's my boy" if they only knew what a slacker I've been. Love you so much! That´s awesome you met the McKay family! They were so good to me. When dinner canceled, they were the ones I called. Elder Decker is an awesome missionary and speaking really well already. I loved to see you all for Christmas, best present I could ask for. Leaves me a little homesick for a time- but your advice played in my head ´Don´t come home cause you´re ready to, come because they kicked you out because your time was up.´ I´m going to keep that in mind, and keep telling everyone I´m in the middle of my mission and still have another year. 

On my first week here in Pernabu├ęs, we were walking on a crowded street. Traveling through the favelas (Which literately means ´the slums´ or rather it´s a bunch of packed-close houses built on these wickedly steep hills). Somehow through all the people and the noise of the music playing around us, my eyes were drawn to a woman in her 40´s sitting across the street. 
Many times on the mission comes a feeling or a prompting of ´Go, and talk to them.´ But this time was different. The prompting was more specific - ´Go, and talk to her, for she´ll recognize you.´ 
We went up to her, and learned her name was Patricia. But before we could even introduce ourselves she stated ´Hey, Elders! How are you? I had Elders pass by my house over 10 years ago.´ 
As we spoke to her, I saw a woman carrying some grocery bags up the hill. My first impulse was to leave the contact and help this other woman carry her bags. Which I would have normally would have done, had not an impression came ´Stay here. For some burdens are not visibly seen, but just as real for us to rush to the help and carry.´ 
Patricia has been a wonderful investigator to teach. She has challenges as we all do. I´m grateful the lord has given us the chance to mourn with those that mourn and give comfort of those who stand in need of comfort. 
This week, At the end of a visit, we felt to give her a baptism date. As we prayed, we felt she should be invited for the Jan. 17th. When we invited her she gave us a smile and said ´That´s my birthday. Patricia is doing great. She was at church yesterday and loved every moment. When we asked if she was going to be there next week, she responded ´Oh, I´ll be here before you guys get here.´ She´s very determined and preparing for her baptism. She isn´t legally married, and her husband doesn´t want to yet. But she´s determined to do what she can to live the commandments. Two others Eliana and Barbara are preparing for the same date. 

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