Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/5/15 A day in the life as Presidents Assistant.

I´m very proud of my family. All of you. Thank you mom for your such kind words and support and weekly updates. I find your emails spiritual and uplifting. I´m certain I feel as happy  and do well in things,  because you all believe in me.  I feel very very blessed on the mission, far more than I deserve. I wish I could give even just a portion of what I´ve been given, but I can´t. Each time I try to sacrifice something for the Lord or someone else, I am blessed greatly more in abundance for return. I´ve been having a feeling these days that I´m just undeserving. What did I do to get all of this? Many blessings are coming into my life- that frankly I don´t think I´ve earned. 
I feel blessed in all things. 
As I was heading to the MTC. Dad parked the car in a vacant parking lot. There he gave me the last Father´s blessing I´ve had until now. It was one of the most powerful and touching blessings I´ve had. Tears easily came and a sweet spirit of confidence and peace filled me. He blessed me to learn Portuguese, and I felt confident that that blessing would be fulfilled. And it has. I understand the language as if it was English. But the greatest Language I´ve learned has been that of the spirit. I couldn´t even fathom before the mission of speaking with God. I´m sure that many of my prayers I just spoke at Him, giving thanks and asking and then leaving. But now, my heart if full of Gratitude.......because I have a Father..... who listens and speaks to me. Not a day goes by, that we don´t hear His loving voice. He councils with me in everything. 
I´m enjoying my assignment. I love these missionaries, and I can feel the trust and respect they have in me and my companion Elder Bittencourt. With every phone call and email President gets, he councils with us on what to do- and often sends us. Sends us to make a phone call or head to the area and do a division with the missionaries. Or sometimes just sends us to pray. To ponder. And find out what we are to do. Certainly my assignment is changing me, more than I am changing others.
This past week we went to a city called Camacari. Where we participated in a training with the Zone Leaders. One of them being my old companion Elder Gonçalvez. It was so good to be with him again. We went out to work after. As we run home to home visit to visit for old times sake, I felt the difference of being with him again. There was the same excitement and fire. But, I felt there were moments that we used to be children back in Barreiras, now we were together as men. The mission has changed us. Elder Gonçalvez is a man I believe our paths will continue to cross. 

This week we will be meeting with all the missionary leadership to give a training. There will be about 60 of us. My companion and I have thought and studied a lot of what we need to train the mission on. Our training will be specifically on studies. Personal and companionship studies. We hope to better relationships with companionship's, and increase the quality of teaching- to teach with power and authority. Those years of Drama have helped me a lot for these training's

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