Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Luke 24:15 (companions letter)

Monday evening Nanette and I received a phone call from a woman named Joanna Briggs. She had received a letter from her missionary son serving in Brazil who was describing his new companion and the experiences they had in the short week they had been together. Sister Briggs felt impressed to find the parents of this young Elder so that she could share the letter with them too. Guess what??? It was Daylen and we were his parents. So now we are sharing it with you. Enjoy!
The letter has been shortened to just let you know the facts between Elder Briggs and Elder Pollard which by the way are Dylan and Daylen

Elder Pollard, Elder Clark, Elder Briggs :)
 Letter home from Elder Briggs
Hello Family! 

 So today we went to Salvador to register Elder Pollard, my new comp. 
Well this week was a little bit overwhelming with such a  big area... we are trying to find efficient ways to work... a good missionary isn't someone who walks a lot, he´s someone who sits a lot.. because if we´re sitting we´re teaching lessons haha :). Well my companion Elder Pollard is from Oakley Utah, he served in Las Vegas for 5 months waiting for his visa, he is super awesome and a great friend!  His last mission was very different from Brazil so we are apply the things both of us have come to know and have learned so far... :) but he´s awesome, he´s a mix between jared and justin ...(This apparently are two good friends of Elder Briggs back home) just about as funny as you could get. haha. It has been great this week serving with him and having him as my companion! We had some incredible experiences this week. We found some incredible people that we will contact  and start teaching. We tried to follow the spirit with exactness this week to find people, and it worked! Heavenly Father helped and blessed us to find  those who are searching, many people accepted baptism in the first contact. :)


Well I hope that this week we can organize everything out in our area :) 
  Love you all so much, Have a great week. Thanks  for all you do! 
            tchau  -Elder Briggs

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  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this. We are so proud of him! And so thrilled that he has these incredible experiences! He is like all the great missionaries we read about throughout the scriptures.