Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Lord knows you, whoever you are!

OPA, it´s been crazy here! In a good way. I am really grateful for your prayers and thoughts of me, it has helped me greatly. Surely serving a mission, is a family ordeal. I am so grateful for all emails of letters of support and care. I am grateful for the sacrifice of my parents and others in helping me be here. I know that as I have grown, my family and friends have grown as well.
Just before I got here, the missionaries miraculously found Andy Black, who served in Korea with Travis Crittenden, small world. (Travis Crittenden is also from Oakley and the father to a good friend of Daylen. In the year or so before Daylen left he had grown quite close to the Crittendon family, and Travis was a great example)  Andy had gone through some very hard times, and became less active in the church. But because he met me and my companion in such a way, there was no disputing that it was what the Lord wanted. It was a testimony to Andy that the Lord was aware of him no matter where he was.
In meeting Andy, we met his girlfriend (to be wife) Silvana. They are amazing. It has been great to see miracles in their lives, as Andy is now fully active and Silvana was baptized last week.

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