Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Right place right time

No more than two hours ago I was in the baptismal fount with a 30 year old man named Tassio Leonardo Do Amor Pimenta. We met him yesterday!  We had just started to use a computer in a libary we´ve never been to. He was there working, and approached us. He was actually baptized by some missionaries a few years back, but was never confirmed. Then he moved here, and we were the first missionaries he´s seen. He asked us what the pre-requistes for baptism were. We began to explain all the qualifications. He then asked if it was possible if he could be baptized the next day.
We thought he might be crazy. Turns out, he´s just an really awesome dude. Through the interviews and calling the mission president and leaders, it happened.  His desire was right, he had faith in the lord jesus Christ and he had repented of past transgressions, he had been to church many times. He knew the lessons, he believed it all and wanted to keep the commandments. I couldn´t believe it, we had much prayer, but he was ready. The lord is blessing us. We are going over to house later today to teach him and his wife too.

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