Monday, November 11, 2013

Working like a firework's stand on the Fourth of July

(Sent to Joslyn)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Farmer Jo! Miss you and love you so much! 
 I really enjoyed your last hand written letter, I shared what Nate wrote with my companion. We already work like April´s firework stand on the 4th (except it´s hotter here!) And we are being obedient the best we can. So decided to follow Nate´s advice, and be ourselves on top of that. It´s been so much fun. We laugh all day. When things go bad, we can just laugh it off and throw our hands up in the air saying Aaaayyyooo got to let go. 
We´ve also had some really sweet spiritual experiences with these people. It´s been so amazing. Love you Jo, and bro Nate.

The place is so amazing, hard to imagine you guys  probably have snow right now.

I don´t know why but all the light switches our sideways.
I really need a picture of a monkey, there were a lot in Salvador, 2 hours south of here, where the mission home is.  My companion says there are a bunch in the trees, but I haven't seen any here. 

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