Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This past week I went on exchanges with another Elder. At the end of an amazing day of teaching, my companion felt impressed to make one last stop to a family in the ward, the Jeffers. My companion told me he thinks they are waiting for a Visa to Brazil too. I came to learn, they are going to the same mission as me! They have been waiting since March. Since they are a senior couple, they don't start their mission until the Visa comes. We had a great chat in Portuguese and it was awesome to know someone going to my mission. They sent this picture to the mission president, and the mission president's wife sent me an email.
It rained here on Sunday! This place isn't prepared for rain, the draining system isn't so good. It flooded everywhere. The roads were inches underwater in some places where cars couldn't get through. 
While driving we saw this railroad tie or a large piece of wood in the middle of the road and cars trying to get around it. Elder Findlay suggested we moved it. It took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pants. We pulled up near to it and I jumped out to go get, jogging on my way towards it in the flooded road, I slipped. My feet flew up and I landed on my back. Hahahah, I was fine and completely unharmed, perhaps a little embarrassed. But I went out and got the log and pulled it off the road.
People in the cars behind us were laughing, and some of them rolled down their windows and thanked me. There on the side walk was a family in our ward, the Worthen's. The mom had taken her kids to the street to see all the cars drive through the puddles. She had actually pulled out her phone and filmed part of what I did, haha.  
That's the closest to swimming as I've gotten.
I'm happy and having a great time. I've learned this week that to be humble, isn't so much denying the talents and gifts God has given us. It's not thinking less of ourselves, it's thinking less about ourselves. Something you've shown me the way of being a mother, is putting others first, and yourself last. I believe it is almost impossible to be prideful, when you have charity for those around you and love them. Pride is the sin of comparison, though it often starts with look at me and how good I am, it ends with the type of thinking of therefore I'm better than you. I am striving to serve more, and care and think of others more than I think of myself.

I love you so much!

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