Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept 23rd

Thanks mom! I smile and feel happy every time I hear that you talk about me. I'm so excited to share my stories and feelings with our family each week. I like to hear about how our family is doing too.
This past week has been amazing. The Poma family (parents Vic and Shelly, and daughter Kelly) have been amazing. After our first lesson, Shelly who comes from a Baptist background looks at her husband Vic who's catholic and tell him "you know were going to be Mormon right?" Haha, they are so open and have desire to learn. Their son David was baptized 10 years ago when he was 16. Vic explained how bad he felt, back then he gave David such a hard time for joining the church. He had him talk to many ministers and priests to convince him not to. He had refused to talk to the missionaries. Now, His heart has been softened. He has prayed and felt it to be right and we have had 3 lessons over there. David's came and taught with us, he's been waiting for this day for his family for a while. They have a desire to be sealed in the temple, and most likely baptized next month.
I have loved teaching this family. They ask so many questions really desiring to understand and know for themselves. To know what I know.
We had to push Patricia Watts baptism back a couple weeks, she's still pushing strong though, and one of the most amazing woman I've ever met.
A few other investigators are doing well and I've seen miracles before my eyes, just watching their lives change. I'm all pumped, because we have about 6 solid baptisms set for next month. But I received a call Saturday Morning. Transfer. Haha, a new Area that doesn't rhyme with Brazil. I'm going over to the Meadows stake (not sure where that is, entirely) but it's the same ward that Tanish and Mike Yarbrough (the jamican family we married and baptized) moved to. My new companions name is Elder Till, (Till we meet, till we meet, till we meet at Jesus Feet....plays in my head every time) I think I met him once.
I'm excited, but sad to leave. Feels like I'm leaving home all over again. Elder Findlay goes home today, I'll miss him. He's shown me great love and taught me a lot. Elder Bloomfield will stay here, I trust him to take great care of this ward. He has taught me a lot about the plan of salvation, after hearing his testimony of losing both his parents, his mom just last year. He's an amazing missionary, with love for the people here and a desire to bring them joy.

We sang in church yesterday, our companionship. It went really well. I loved it. I got at least 8 or 9 offers from the members here that after the mission they want me to come back and visit and stay with them. Some seemed sad to have us go and so we told some people things like "hey, if you get sealed in the temple, We'll bring back our trio and sing at your wedding reception"
I am so grateful to have been put here, in this ward I served. I have learned so much of the arms of love from the Savior. I have had many uplifting experiences that I wouldn't trade it for anything, not a trip to Brazil or anywhere in the world. I know this next area is also part of the Lord's will for me, and I look forward to it, no idea how long it may be, but I really enjoy just trusting Him, one step at a time. The song "lead thou me on." Has been like a theme of my mission, and I love it.
I love you mom! I love you dad! I love my sisters, and all my relatives and friends!

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