Monday, January 27, 2014

Administering to the sick.

The photo is from Joelina´s baptism, the woman in the middle is her mom, Jovelina (not a member).  (don´t ask me who the duffus is on the left)
Shortly after the baptism Jovelina fell ill to some kind of disease I still don´t comprehend. Yesterday, Joelina asked me if I would go with her to visit her mother in the hospital. My companion and I headed to the hospital after church. They only permitted one in with Joelina at a time, so I went up. 
I entered into a large room, where there were serval inflicted patients of different infimities laying on beds. Some seemed near death, some alone, others with loved ones at their side.
Jovelina was on the far end of the room, as I approached, her face lit up and was so happy to see me. She informed me that the first counselor had already given her a blessing. To my suprise she lifted the sheet off from her legs, one foot was bandaged and appeared to have no toes. The other foot had to be amputated, it was gone. Just a small stitched up nub. 
It made me want to cry, the emotional pain to lose one´s limb. But Jovelina bore testimony to me, of how greatly she has felt the love of our heavenly Father through this time, and how great her comfort has been. I shared a scipture with her and my testimony.
As I was leaving the room, I noticed an inflicted woman alone on her sick-bed, I felt compelled to talk to her. I shook her frail hand, asked her name, how she was, told her I just wanted to give her a present, a picture of Christ (pass-along cards), than gave a short testimony of His love. She thanked me with a sweet smile. Then I realized an old woman on the bed next to her, was holding out her hand beckoning to me unable to speak. She wanted one too! I soon found myself going one by one to each bed. All of them wanted me to. Giving brief testimony, smiles, and pass-along cards. I met one woman who had spoken to missionaries over 10 years ago who asked for a book of mormon to read, which I gave to her and marked a chapter for her. It was a tender and sweet expience I had. The thought brifely crossed my mind that I shouldn´t touch these inflicted people, but I am convinced that I, as the lords servant, hold the mantel of the Savior, I cannot be harmed by their illness. (of course I need to be careful and wise, but I know that when I go forth to do His will, it´s not my hands, it´s His. )
One of the special things I´ve learned on the mission is; that faith isn´t knowing that the Lord will heal you, it´s knowing and believing that He can, then accepting His will whatever it may be. Those who are healed from a sickness, their faith is strengthened, but those who aren´t healed, but continue in faithfulness, their faith is being perfected. 
Robert and Marilee, I love you, you are in my prayers.

Thank you mom for everything. Sienna and Lilly I love you and appreciate you writting me. Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf. I have been well protected because of these prayers, of this I am certain. I have been given great health, and kept safe. I am so grateful. 

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