Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Member Missionaries

 One photo is with me and Irmao Da-Hora (with his daughter sneaking behind) The Da-Hora´s I feel have become life-long friends. I've learned from them first-hand a lesson I´ve always heard, but now experienced. They live in a small humble mud-brick home, Irmão Da-hora bulit. They don´t appear to have much.  But they are the happiest people I've ever met. As I sit in their home I have an overwhelming feeling, there is so much love and peace and joy in the small home, to me I feel they have have everything. 
They joined the church about 15 years ago, were baptized, sealed, and are faithful and strong members. Shortly after I arrived, Irmao Da-Hora was in a critical accident and was on the verge of death. But even through the surgeries and the pain, he was so strong and humble. Now fully recovered, I have never seen him without a smile and a calm look on his face. This family has touched my life. They are so kind to me. They are true examples of what matters most. 

 The other photo is this funny dude Gueddes, that acts just like Dirk (our cousin), he´s like the black version. Hahah

The woman in the picture is Crispina; Small in stature, but a massive spiritual giant. Joined the church about 7 years ago. She is one who has the missionary name badge painted on her heart. She was probably a back-up plan every day. Because we would just show up to her home, and she always had someone for us to go teach. She would quickly change and take us to people´s homes. Less-actives she knew of or just people that are struggling or going through a hard time. I am so grateful for her example.

The other photo is Jean. He´s my role model here. Served a mission 8 years ago, but never stopped being a missionary. He loves the ward and works diligently.  We work a lot with him, he´s funny and a powerful teacher. 

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