Saturday, January 18, 2014

Doing the hard things.

No missionary event is ever too small, in fact the way the lord brings about his purposes is through small and simple means.  I think last time I wrote I spoke about an investigator Nildes, well, she´s going to be baptized by Irmão Da-Hora (the father of the family who gave the referral) this Saturday. She´s been amazing to teach. We taught the word of wisdom a week ago, she immediately had a desire to live it. She faced a few days of headache´s from quitting coffee, she´s been ridiculed by past friends in her decisions, but she´s been an example to us as she pushes through the hard things to do what she know is right. I think, whether as missionaries are informed or not, know that every investigator faces challenges on this straight and narrow path. Some hold fast to their testimony and what they have felt to be true and leave behind everything to change. Others don´t. I think about them every time it gets difficult for me. When it´s hard to get up at 6:30 am and work out, I hear the alarm and think that I´m too tired.  I deserve to sleep in. But than I think of them. How can I expect there to be power behind my voice as I ask them to do hard things, if I don´t do hard things. When I hear the very exscuse coming from some of them, that they were too tired to make it to church, too tired to read, too tired to pray. This gets me up every morning. Things are great. I´m happy, and I get happier every day. 

P.S Shout out to- Grandma and Grandpa Hatch, who diligently send me an email each week and occasional letters. I am grateful for their support, even when i don´t respond too often. Keep the Letters and emails coming, I love them. 
Shout out to- anyone who has emailed me and I have failed to respond. I´m sorry. If you would, Just Continue to email me I do enjoy them. And I´ll try to get better at responding. 

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