Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 6th letter and observations

On Christmas day we as a family got to Skype with Daylen for about 40 minutes. He looked so happy and was overcome with emotion seeing us. I of  course still had my Fezziwig beard left over from The Christmas Carol which sent Daylen and the members whose home he was in into fits of laughter. It was nice to hear his voice and to see that he was doing well. He wished everyone a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. The following is the letter we received on Monday the 6th. Dad

The past week has been amazing! Yesterday we had about 10 less actives at church, my companion and I can´t take the slightest credit, the Lord is performing miracles here. We´ve made a large push with working with members. Recently a beloved family, the Da Hora´s, gave us a referral. They had a friend named Nildes who´s mother had passed away. Concerned for her, they took us over to her home. Nildes had never spoken to missionaries before, yet had visited various religions for many years. She didn´t believe in a life after death. The spirit was strong in the lesson, I knew instantly that the Lord wanted her to hear our message because I was speaking near fluent Portuguese.  
We taught the plan of salvation, she loved it. We returned a couple days later, and explained the restoration. She was so excited through the lesson, saying "wait, there´s a prophet today? What is his name?" We left her a book of Mormon with the commitment to read 3 Nephi 11. We returned again, and followed up. We asked if she had read it, and if she had any questions or doubts. She responded  "I read, I loved it.....I read the chapter then prayed, then I read it again. .......only one question....... (with a large smile) how long does one have to wait to be baptized?"
My wise companion responded "let us begin with prayer" We walked her to church yesterday, but after Sacrament meeting, she told us that we don´t ever need to walk her to church again, she will be there every Sunday. She had prayed to know where the Lord wanted her, and she had found it. 
So, that was cool. 
Just some observations so far of Brasil

-everyone gives each other a thumbs up, for just about anything. Thumbs up for a greeting, to say goodbye, to cut someone off. It´s nearly impossible to hitchhike, because they´ll think you're just Brazilian. 

-We don´t knock on doors. Nobody does. We clap our hands. Everyone claps when they want someone to come out of their house. 
-Beans and Rice always.  But depending on how wealthy they are determines the quality, also. There´s usually a salad (dressing seems non-existent, they put mayonnaise or ketchup on top of the lettuce) Noodles, Chicken (it´s common for homes to have chickens running around, depending what part of the city I´m in, I sometimes wonder just how fresh the chicken is.) BBQ is really good, when it happens. Then juice (almost always homemade from exotic fruits) or soda 
-I don´t know what this powder stuff is in these cans. Or what is in these cardboard boxes on the shelf, but our milk comes from cows. 

More observations later, frankly I think I´m just getting use to everything. 
Love you mom! E tudo mundo de famílias e amigos, escreve me por favor. Vous tentar responder. (And all the world of families and friends, write me please. I will try to respond ).

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