Monday, January 27, 2014

New Area, New Companion

I just traveled 14 hours by bus to meet my new companion
So I´m in a city called Barreiras with Elder Brito. It´s really cool. actually that´s not true, it´s really hot here. We are near the edge of the state of Bahia, there are about 10 missionaries kinda out here (within 2-3 hours). Besides that, the next closest group of missionaries is about 14 hours away. We are somewhat close to the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. Bahia, is known for being a little part of Africa in Brazil. Majority of the people are African-Brazilian. But being way out here, I´m still not used to seeing people with blond hair, there are white people here, its odd.
The church is new out here, started only about 6 years ago, we meet in a house. It´s a small branch, I´ve never seen anything like it. But the small group of less than active 30 members faith is inspiring. I´m grateful to be here, and excited to help strengthen the members and find some leaders.  The area has great potential!
There is an English school here, I´ve become friends with the English teachers, haha it´s fun. This past week, I spoke at a college. I was asked by a professor who found out I was an American, if I would come in and speak to a class, on the day a presentation was going to be done on the importance of learning English for business and careers. My companion and I presented ourselves in front of a group of about 35 adults. I told jokes and stories about coming to Brazil and learning the language. We were well received, and began being asked questions. We bore testimony to the group, explained our purpose, what we do and what we teach. We briefly taught about the message of the restoration. After the class, everyone received a pass-along card. We had many come up and speak with us, that we took down addresses and have began to go homes to teach because of this.
Things are good! I´m happy and excited for the work here. 

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