Friday, May 10, 2013

Need a little push!

Dear Dad.
I spoke in Sacrament meeting last Sunday, and I recalled an experience I had with you
When I was rather young. I desired $5 to spend, most likely on some candy. Now, there are some fathers that would have simply given the Child the Money, and the child would have spent it, never appreciating it's vaule. My wise father wanted me to work for it.
He asked to mow the Lawn. A hard task for a young child with no experience. He started the lawn mower for me and left me to it. I was determined to please him and earn my reward. I pushed this Large machine with all my might. It weighed much more than I did. With all my strength I could just barely move it forward and progress. On step after another, often I felt like I wasn't moving much, but with each step I knew I was closer.
I had pushed for what felt like a very long time, the sun was hot, my burden heavy, I was tired, and I became discouraged. I was about to give up or just collaspe. I thought, it's not worth it. Just as I was ready to quit and let go, a large hand appeared behind me and pushed the Lawn mower. My Father had came out and began to push with me. Walking behind me and taking the weight on himself so mine would be light, we pushed together. He helped me finish.
I can Testify, that when we are stuggling and pushing, that if we give our best and work hard. Our Father in Heaven will come to us and help. Just as my Father had came out to help me. There are times that all of will feel we are asked to move a heavy object and do an impossbile task. It is important to go out and remember, He will do what you can't. As long as you do what you can.
I love you Dad. Thanks for being such a great example to me. Thank you for all that you have done to raise me. I plan to continue learning from you the rest of my life.

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