Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hey Jo! I'm calling home at 5:30 for about 5 min, to tell where my reassignment is! I dunno, you and Nate Probably won't be there. I don't want you to drive up there for 5 min. So make sure mom calls you or something. I have no idea what my address will be, I fly out early Monday morning. I'll let you know as soon as I can what it is. I love you!
Oh, something I want to tell you. We had an apostle talk to us on Tuesday, Russell M Nelson. He gave such a powerful talk. When apostles talk just directly to missionaries, their talks are amazing. It was on family History. After the talk, I did some pondering and praying. I learned some things and gained a testimony of Family History I hadn't fully realized. I learned that I have people on the other side of the veil, who are very much alive, who are praying for my success. They are the Ancestors of the people I will meet and teach. Hoping I will give their descendants the gospel, that they might receive the saving ordinances they need to proceed. 

When it says in the scriptures that He will send angels among them, I've learned the Lord does send angels to His missionaries to help them. I have felt their presence, the presence of our own ancestors and the those of the people I am to teach, and those who are grateful for an ordinance we did in the the temple for.

Love you
P.S, I was sick for about two days, just a cold and a head ache. I just worked through it, strived to be humbled, and was healed rather quickly once I got what i needed to learn from it. Being sick, is just part of the Missionary experience.

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