Friday, May 17, 2013

Daylen has been re-assigned (for now)

So I recieved my reassignment last night. They gave me permission to call
and talk on the phone for 5 min. I didn't have time last night to call
because my companion and I were training the new district. It went well, I
love being Zone Leader. I was training a new District Leader, and he asked
me "Do you really grow that much at the MTC? Because you guys are
amazing Leaders. Or were you like this before the Mission?" I told him,
it's true. You really do grow so much at here. Next to the Temple, it is
the most spiritual place I've been to. I have changed alot. I feel much
differently and think differently and I love who I'm becoming. I've Learned
that It's more important to have Character, then to be a character. I've
started to always be thinking about the 2nd name on my name tag. Jesus
Christ. And remember I represent Him, and I will act like such. I've tried
hard to get out of the way, and pray night and day that I will yeild my
will to the Lord.
My testimony has grown. I understand more, know more, and beilieve more .
This Gospel is True, and I am so excited to Change Lives and lose myself
completly in service, I didn't realize just how important it was before.
The Lord wants all His children to return to Him, and I know He has people
prepared for me specifically in this reassignment till my Visa comes. I'm
not going out just to make people better, anyone can get to the two lower
kingdoms of Glory without me. As missionaries we offer something more.
Something so much greater. Starting with first covenant we make with
babtism and then recieveing the Holy Ghost, so that we may start on our
path back to our Father in Heaven and have eternal lives with our family.
I am filled with much positive thought to make a large difference, and I
have never felt more joy or love for other people. I will go anywhere, say
anything, and be whatever the Lord needs me to. I understand that without
Him I am nothing. This last week I've made a commitment, that when my time
comes to go home 2 years from now, I will return home, but I'll never leave
the Field.
Thank you for your prayers, I feel the strength from them. I feel more love
for my family everyday. I love the letters that make me laugh and smile. I
wish I had more time to write to all of you individually. And express that
without my 5 sisters, I wouldn't be half the person I am today. I may not
even gotten to the Mission in the first place.

So, I plan on calling home around 5:30
I'm great to being put on speaker, and I can talk for about 5 min. It would
be awesome. You can hear how I'm still the same goofy kid that has just
grown spiritually.

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