Saturday, May 11, 2013

Teach Two Types Of People

Thanks for the pictures. I look at my sisters all the time, and when people don't believe I used to look like Abe Lincoln. I have something to show them. People are shocked to think I had a beard.
Oh, I left out some news. I was released as District Leader, and I'm now a Zone Leader with my companion. I'm over our whole Portuguese branch composed of a few districts with my companion. It's cool, great opportunity to serve. Makes me even more busy. This place is awesome. Looking forward to get out into the field. I've learned we are called to teach two types of people, one the people of Brazil (for me, or where ever I get reassigned), and other missionaries  There are a lot of missionaries who really weren't prepared. But it's so cool to see the change in them as their testimony grows. I had a great experience with a missionary who thought he was going to be sent home due to past sins he confessed to the Leaders here. But because of the atonement, he fully repented and is doing great. He is clean. He feels clean. He teaches with greater feeling and testimony and it's been great serving with him. He is focused on being like Christ. It's awesome.

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